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June 22, 2010, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 04 No. 04 July 16-2010 (Ashad-32,2067)
Today politics is a mess. Economy is messier. Political journey is uncertain. Economic travels even more unpredictable. People are more concerned about keeping their stomach full than with the politicians’ empty rhetoric But politics hogs the headline. Economy does not.  Speculations of a political disaster do many rounds. Ticking of a powerful economic bomb rarely gets the notice. With political instability eating into the economic pie, the national economy today is on the verge of a volcanic explosion. Spendings are high, earnings low. Exports take a big dip, imports soar to a record high. The result: the balance of payments is precarious. Should the trend continue the economic chaos  has every chance of getting out control. The magnitude of its impact will be far greater than that of an impending political chaos. It is in this backdrop that we have decided to take a look at the looming crisis. As Sanjay Dhakal discovered in the cover story in this issue, few seemed bothered about finding ways to deal with the crisis. Even the authorities appeared helpless, as never-ending political agenda overshadowed the economic challenges. We believe that economy should not be left unattended even as the politicians play their games. The state of the economy has to do with  the daily life of the people. If the economy is taken care of, people may begin restoring their faith in politics. Once the people’s confidence is regained, the job of politicians will automatically become easier. Be it constitution-making or the successful conclusion of the peace process.

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