AMBASSADOR HANAN GODAR: Sharing Pain With A Nepali Family

Israel's ambassador to Nepal, Hanan Godar, expressed condolences and solidarity. He visited the families of a victim of Hamas terror living in pain on March 4

March 30, 2024, 10:11 a.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL. 17, No. 17, April.12,2024 (Chaitra,30. 2080) Publisher and Editor: Keshab Prasad Poudel Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

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Although global communities has been gradually shifting tone on Hamas terrorist outfit, Nepalese families who lost their love one in the terrorists attack are yet to recover from the pain and tragic events.

Even Nepal’s government, which took stand against Hamas terrorists, seems to forget the pain and agony of families of victims of Hamas attack. However, ambassador of Israel Nepal Hanan Godar has been visiting the families of the terrorist attack sharing their pain and suffering and consoling and sowing solidarity of the family.

Others might of other agenda, visiting and meeting of the families by Ambassador State of Israel shows that it shares the pain with Nepalese families as with the families of Israel who have lost their love one in Hamas terrorist attack. On March 4, Ambassador Hanan Godar went to the house of Nepali victim in remote areas of Madhesh.

Whether they live in Israel, Nepal or any other parts of the world, the families have lost their near and dear in Hamas terrorists act are yet to reconcile. The families of hostages including Nepal’s Bipin Joshi have to suffer a lot unknowing the fate.

In his efforts to visit the families and injured of the Hamas terrorists, ambassador of Israel to Nepal Godar paid a visit to the house of Ananda Sah, who has killed in Israel by Hamas Terrorist.

"Oh, this family is our family too," expressed ambassador Godar, a soft spoken and kind heart diplomat from Israel.

When the Israeli envoy reached the house of Dhanusha's son Anand Sah, one of the ten Nepali students who were killed in an attack by the terrorist organization Hamas in Israel last October, a very sad scene was seen.

When the Israeli Ambassador to Nepal Godar reached the small hut of late Anand Sah’s home in Sapia, Lakshminiyan rural municipality of Dhanusha district, it was unbelievable for the father, mother and families of late Sha, When he encounter, Ambassador Godar not only hugged his father, but even said, “You are our family, showing solidarity with them.

At a time when atrocities, inhuman killing rape and other assault of unarmed innocent civilians are facing, visiting home of victims by Israel ambassador Godar Israel government has shown solidarity with the families.

Through the road, Lakshminiyan Village of Dhanusha District was a dirt road, Godar, the Israeli ambassador, reached the house of 22-year-old Anand, who was killed.

According to Puran Rauniya, Editor of local news portal, the meeting was very painful with families of Sha and ambassador Hanan Godar could not control themselves to express pain. As families cried expressing pain, ambassador Hanan Godar's eye fill with tear.

“When he saw the conditions of families of victims weeping and pain, ambassador Godar could not control himself. His could not avoid tear in his eye. He hugged Anand's family including father, mother and sister and asked them to take care of mother and father who cried,” said editor Rauniya.

Victim Anand was the only son of a poor family among the ten Nepalis who were killed in the attack by Hamas on October 20th, 2023. With a lot of pain and suffering, when ambassador Godar reached the house, Anand's mother held cried and wept.

Anand's father, Soman Shah, was telling him that he had lost his only son who had graduated because he had spent ten years in Qatar teaching his sons and daughters, Godar could not contain himself.

Ambassador Godar responded that Anand went to Israel as a guest, but after the incident, they are now a family.

He said that Israel will continue to support Anand as much as possible. Ambassador Godar said that when he met Anand in Nepal before going to Israel, he found him to be a very energetic young man with big dreams.

In his recent visit to Israel last week, ambassador inspected Anand's living room, He also said that he met with his friends and rescue workers. Ambassador Godar said that the reprehensible attack on the unarmed and innocent students was a very tragic crime for Israel and the world.

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He handed over his watch, which late Ananda Sha wears with joy, found by the rescuers in Israel, to his family. Suggesting Anand's family not to feel alone, ambassador thanked the Nepali government and the media for their support and condemnation of Hamas regarding the terrorist attack. Just 27 days before the attack, a group of 49 young Nepali students arrived in Israel to get a post-graduate degree in agriculture.

Just 27 days before the incident, a group of 49 young Nepalese students had arrived in Israel to study post-graduation in agriculture on August 25th. Asking Anand's family not to feel alone, he also thanked the Nepali government and the media for condemning Hamas regarding the incident.

The Ambassador of Israel to Nepal, Hanan Godar, called on Deputy Prime Minister and Home Minister Rabi Lamichhane at the Ministry of Home Affairs on Monday.

The safe release of Bipin Joshi, who was captured by Hamas during their attack on Israel on October 7th, was among the topics discussed during the courtesy meeting.

Ambassador Godar highlighted the government of Israel’s concern for Joshi’s condition and informed about the initiative to provide a monthly allowance by Israel’s national insurance called “terror victims allowance” to the family of Joshi and the families of the 10 Nepali students who lost their lives in the Oct 7 attack.

The DPM and the Ambassador expressed their mutual wish for a peaceful solution to the Israel-Palestine conflict, according to the DPM’s secretariat.

Additionally, cooperation prospects in agriculture, information technology, job creation, and further strengthening of Nepal-Israel relations were touched upon during the meeting.

Photo courtesy: SPKhabar. com

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