Feb. 27, 2011, 5:45 p.m.
After seven months in waiting the legislative parliament delivered a baby. Three weeks into its birth the baby is struggling for survival. A last-minute hush-hush deal between the two partners prevented a miscarriage. But it still faces the threat of a premature death. The ending of the stalemate over the election of a new prime minister has in no way ended the problems facing the country. It has given birth to new problems, instead. There is no end to the country’s crisis in sight yet. A dramatic political course is what the country seems heading towards. The sharp political polarization is on the cards. Not based on ideological considerations or ‘nationalist’ or ‘democratic’ leanings as some would believe, it has only thing in common – the struggle for power. The casualty: the search for stability and the aspirations for prosperity. As stability and prosperity elude the country the national territory becomes even more volatile stage for power play of international actors. This does not bode well for the nascent republic nor for the peace process. But this is what seems inevitable. A result of the failure of all national actors Not just of political leaders but of all ruling elites that include the professionals of all hues and colors.
Keshab Poudel

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