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July 3, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No.-2 July 01-2011 (Ashar 17,2068)

The UCPN-Maoist is committed to completing the peace process and constitution writing by August, when the extended period of the Constituent Assembly ends. Of course, some forces are trying to sabotage the peace process and constitution writing. Within UCPN-Maoist, there are no major ideological differences, but there are differences on how to carry on with the peace and constitution writing processes. Despite several differences on the modality of integration and forms of government, our party leaders have a common agenda that is to bring out at least a brief constitution by August if we are unable to write a full constitution.  This is the reason our party has supported the efforts to narrow down the differences in various disputed issues. Our party has a clear vision and stand on peace process and constitution writing as we want to write the constitution in favor of the oppressed people of Nepal.There are several differences in our party regarding the party’s way of working. We cannot settle all of them by just discussing them at the central committee or standing committee meets.

This is the reason an overwhelming number of our party leaders and workers are demanding the party’s general convention, so that we can find an amicable, long term solution to all the disputes presently surfacing in our party.Informal meetings and discussions are taking place to sort out differences at various party levels.

People have voted UCPN-Maoist as the largest political party in the elections of the Constituent Assembly. We have a bigger responsibility towards the country and the people. In this scenario, what we need is to take more progressive steps to change the present state of affairs. This is what the debate, going on in our party level, is about. As a living party, debates and discussions are integral and no one can deny this fact. Although many regressive and reactionary forces are trying to project the present, healthy discussions in our party, as internal rivalry, this is not true. Our party will be stronger through these kinds of discussions and disputes. Of course, our leadership is unable to manage the internal problems of the party. Due to our internal failure, UCPN-Maoist is unable to move to achieve the goal which it formulated during the people’s war. All the major political parties have been facing one or the other kind of dissension, which is hampering the overall peace process and constitution making. Our party is not an exception. Our party leaders have also certain defenses over the peace process and constitution making. However, there is no alternative before us other than to complete the peace process by promulgation of the new constitution through the CA. Our party leaders are aware of the situation. This is the reason they agreed to extend the tenure of the CA.

Our party is holding the general convention soon to change the present individualistic trend. The leaders have to rise above individual interests or interests of their henchmen and to work for the broader interests of the common people. In our party also, the leaders have factions and favorites of particular groups of their own. But we have to think for the common people. We reached here by passing various stages. Our working strategy was to hold the elections of the Constituent Assembly, abolish the monarchy and restore the rights of the people. After making these kinds of decisions, we reached at the present state. There are certain differences over the way to go ahead.As a political party, we changed alliances with various political parties on the basis of issues.

Frankly speaking, the present strategy of our party is to complete the peace process and frame a new constitution for a democratic, federal republic Nepal. It is impossible for anybody to go out of this set agenda. This is in favor of the oppressed people. We need to make alliances within the party and outside the party. The maturity of our party will be seen on the main issue of peace process and constitution. We need to continue the present debates. There are discussions at the top levels. As the tenure of the CA is going to expire on August 31, our thrust will be to protect the Constituent Assembly. We need to conclude the peace process, the integration aspect, and promulgate the new constitution. Our party is trying to bring up the common voice on this. There are three views showing up our party. For instance, Mohan Baidhya Kiran has his own views and Dr. Baburam Bhattarai has his differences. Party president Prachanda is also trying to accommodate the views coming from different leadership levels. I have not heard that Mohan Baidhya Kiran is opposed to the integration process. He might have certain reservations, but he too seems to be serious to conclude the peace process and promulgate the new constitution. Our leader Baidhya’s demand is that all the issues of integration should be taken to the central committee.

The present demand is for a national government. All political parties have agreed that there is the need to have a consensus government under the leadership of the largest party UCPN-Maoist.  People, the international powers and republics and the majority wish to see the new national government under the leadership of Dr. Baburam Bhattarai. Many believe that he has the capability to bring all political forces together. Even Nepali Congress leaders are unofficially supporting Dr.Bhattarai.
(Sunil is a central committee member of UCPN-Maoist. As told to New Spotlight)

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