“We Want To Assure Investors”

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Oct. 24, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No.- 08 Oct. 21- 2011 (Kartik 04,2068)<br>

Why this conference at this time?

nvestors were wary about the transitional political situation. We wanted to assure them about security for their projects.

Such conferences were held also in the past but in vain….

We have to start somewhere. Anyway, we want to go into implementation this time. We have also decided about prioritizing projects and acting accordingly.

Your party cadres themselves are engaged in vandalizing some foreign-invested hydro projects such as Upper Karnali. How can you assure investors?

We should look at the projects also from local angle. If there is dialogue and if their concerns are addressed, that will work best. But the government will definitely act when it becomes law and order issue.

Your party officials have, at times, stated that hydro power agreements with India are anti-nationalist. How can you attract Indian investment in such situation?

Mostly, such things are localized issues. But we must remember that we have to ensure that each agreement or project is in the interest of people and the nation. Having said that I will again add that dialogue is key and we can resolve all issues by talking.

How much investment is the government seeking?

Well, it runs into hundreds of billions. We have not specified any number, though. At present, we have prioritized the storage type projects like Budhi Gandaki (600 MW), West Seti (750 MW), Tanahu (127 MW) and Nausyalgad.

The government is said to be preparing to sign a Power Trade Pact with India during PM’s visit. Can you elaborate?

Well we are in preliminary preparations phase. But we want to have some sort of understanding on the construction of second cross-border transmission line from Gorakhpur (India) to Hetauda or Bhairahawa. That apart, we also want to do power trade agreement with the government. Till now we only have such agreements with private company or states. Agreement with the government will be more reliable and long term. 




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