"Education Is Becoming A Business"

<br><EM>Krishna K. Parajuli</EM>

June 26, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No.-02 June. 22-2012 (Aashar 08, 2069)<br>

KRISHNA K. PARAJULI, chairman of CANVAS International College, has been in the teaching profession for a long time. Parajuli spoke to NEW SPOTLIGHT on various issues related to challenges before higher secondary school. Excerpts:

How do you view the present state of higher secondary education?

Higher secondary education or +2 is now commercialized to some extent. But, this is purely a service oriented sector with scholarship for the students, imparting quality education within the country and producing high quality students as required for the overall development of the country.

Do you believe the +2 education is serving the interest of a large number of students living in the remote parts of Nepal?

Going through the present scenario, we have to accept the fact that the +2 education is now very much commercialized. This is now very much a business as more businessmen are coming to invest in the +2 education.  It is unfortunate that higher secondary education is now controlled by businessmen. You can see any Tom, Dick and Harry opening a higher secondary school.

How can this situation be improved?

It is easy to improve the situation. If a criterion is developed making it mandatory to involve academic persons in school, the present unhealthy practice will be minimized.

Don’t you think it is against the constitutional right to limit investment?

I am not saying, stop the private investment. My argument is that it is not like opening a noodle factory or a noodle business.

What is your general impression about +2?

It is a good education system and it helps to reduce the number of students going abroad for higher secondary education. What we need now is to revere education. That is all.

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