FOREIGN MINISTER SHRESTHA Nationalist Slogan, Opposite Action

Foreign Minister Naryankazi Shrestha’s mission seems to damage Nepal’s core national interests by changing posture with Nepal's traditional friends <br>&nbsp;A CORRESSPODENT

Sept. 30, 2012, 5:45 p.m.

Like all radical communists, deputy prime minister Naryankazi Shrestha has heavily criticized BIPPA and other bilateral agreements with India to prove himself as a nationalist. However, his recent activities and agenda taken to the UN general assembly are likely to produce anti-national results.


By hurting Kathmandu-based western diplomats based in Kathmandu, who are more concerned with Nepal’s development and well being of people rather than the security interests, Shrestha has shown where he  will ultimately be taking Nepal’s core interests. 


Foreign ministry's  recent directions to Kathmandu-based western diplomatic missions not to call on the president and ask the ministry's role INGOs registration,  foreign minister Shrestha has shown how he wants to behave with western development partners. Due to his dealing with the United Nations Human Rights Commission and UN officials, Nepal’s Peace Keeping Mission in the United Nations is under threat.


Irritating the world’s super power by seeking an 'explanation' for a meeting between US assistant minister and Tibetan Refugees, foreign minister Shrestha is now taking another step to embarrass Bhutan. When Bhutan is contesting the elections for United Nations Security Council with support from China, deputy prime minister and foreign minister Shrestha has already said that he is going to raise Bhutanese refugees issue. This is going to embarrass both Bhutan and China. Given the current political situation, Shrestha is also going to request SAARC foreign ministers to postpone the SAARC summit.


At a time when Nepal's over 70 percent development budget is coming from the western countries, including INGOs, foreign minister Shrestha's actions will have far reaching consequences in Nepal's long term development. His mission is to prepare a code of conduct to limit the role of diplomats based in Kathmandu.  This will be similar to one which was developed by Uprendra Yadav.


"Shrestha cannot control or restrict activities of diplomats of Nepal's southern neighbor. However, his ministry's code of conduct will somehow restrict Chinese diplomats, but it will largely affect western diplomats and other development partners who have genuine concerns for Nepal's development," said a retired Nepalese foreign ministry official.  "At a time when even the countries like North Korea and Cuba cannot go for international isolation, nobody knows how foreign minister Shrestha can imagine it."



 “I will raise the refugee issue with Bhutan,” Shrestha told the media, before leaving for the United Nations General Assembly. “I will also discuss matter related to 18th SAARC summit with ministers of SAARC,” he added.



"I will request the international donor community to assist us as per our national priority programs. Nepal will also convey to the world community to take into account our national sensitivities while dealing with the issue of Tibetan refugees," minister Shrestha said.



Shrestha left for New York by leading a dozen delegates, including Foreign Secretary Durga Prasad Bhattarai and UN Division Chief at MoFA Dipak Dhital. Although deputy prime minister Shrestha harps on nationalist slogans, the results of his actions are producing the opposite.

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