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Nepal and Germany have a long relationship

Dec. 1, 2013, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol: 07 No. -11 Nov. 29- 2013 (Mangsir 14, 2070)

Nepal and Germany have a long relationship. Since the first German Prince visited Nepal in the eighteenth century, many travelers, scholars and other Germans have visited Nepal while serving the interests of the Nepalese people. HERIBERT WIRTH, a German national, has been regularly visiting Nepal almost since the last three decades. Supporting Nepal is one of his goal. Wirth has provided all the facilities to make the Nepal Pavilion in the World Expo, which is known as Nepal Himalaya. Wirth came to Kathmandu to celebrate his 75th birthday. He spoke to new spotlight. Excerpts:

How long have you been associated with Nepal?

I have a long association with Nepal I have bought the pavilion which Amrit Shakya built for the World Expo in 2000. I have made this Nepal Pavilion, I have given land to house that pavilion and I have made it as park Nepal Himalayan Park Stiftung. In that Park, still today, after 13 years about 70,000 people have already visited and that is my contribution to Nepal and Nepalese people and for German people.

What is the objective of your visit to Nepal this time?

I came to celebrate my 75th birthday in Nepal where my friends from all over the world, or 35 friends, are coming here to accompany and to celebrate my birthday and all of them know Dhulikhel Hospital. Our good circle of friends used to visit Dhulikhel and doctors from Dhulikhel Hospital also visit Germany for the training. Doctors from Germany also visit Dhulikhel Hospital. I am using this opportunity to celebrate my birthday and also to see and contribute our project in Dhulikhel.

What do you like most in Nepal?

Smiling and beautiful faces of Nepalese people always inspire me to visit Nepal. Nepalese are simple and humble people.  Although there is hardship in living in mountain terrains, people don’t express that hardship in their faces.  We have been running some projects in Nepal through our Water for All Foundation. That was the foundation we founded with my wife. We have already contributed 3 million Euro in last thirteen years. We love Nepal and Nepalese people.

Why have you decided to support Dhulikhel?

We have supported Dhulikhel in various ways. We supported a drinking water project, hospital. I still work 18 hours a day to talk with people and bring all together to support Nepal. I want to make certain things to Nepal. Along with Nepal, our foundation has also been supporting countries in Africa and Latin America. In Dhulikhel Hospital, I have donated to build maternity complex, specially the ward of children section.

What will you do this time?

We are bringing some new equipment to Dhulikhel Hospital. I am going to donate along with my friends next week. I am very happy to serve the people of Nepal. If people of Nepal take this small gift, I feel pride and satisfaction.

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