“I Cannot Compromise National Interest for Oil” Prime Minister K.P. Oli

At a time when the agitating Madheshi parties are pressing for a package deal, prime minister K.P.SHARMA OLI has said that he will not compromise the interest of the nation. This is based on his statement delivered at National Assembly of Federation

Nov. 28, 2015, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol 09, No 10,November 27,2015 (Mangsir, 11,2072)

On agitation:

As the blockade has hurt the livelihood of Nepalese people badly, the agitators need to withdraw the agitation and come to the negotiation table. Killing people, destroying public property and blocking roads serves nobody’s interest. Madheshi parties must come for negotiationsat the table.

Point of Negotiations

The government is ready to negotiate with the agitating parties. The government is ready to negotiate with Madheshis and I am ready to accommodate their demands. There is a constitution and every demand can be met through the amendment of the constitution. I can accept every demand of agitators except those which go against the national interest. I cannot fulfill the demands which harm Nepal’s interests. I told you frankly that I cannot compromise national interest for the sake of oil. I know Nepalese are brave people.

Provincial Boundaries

We are ready to discuss the boundary of provinces. However, one has to wait for experts' opinion on that. I cannot amend the boundary of provinces haphazardly again to create more trouble. This constitution is drafted by the support over 90 percent of elected representatives and one needs to accept this fact. If we amend the constitution as forced bya certain group, we cannot implement the constitution. This is the best constitution of the world.

On Excessive Use of Force in Madhesh:

The government has maintained utmost restraint not to use the force against agitators. When they start throwing stones, burning government buildings and attacking police personnel with homemade weapons, the police used the minimum force. It is unfortunate that some people were killed in the event.

On Madheshi demands

I am not against Madhesh and Madheshi people. I am against those who are instigating innocent people for sake of their individual gains. If their demands are genuine, we are ready to accommodate them. I have already held several rounds of talks with different forces.

On India

India needs to respect the sovereignty and independence of a smaller country.  Despite its commitment, India is yet to make trade from the border points smooth. Nepal is yet to get adequate petroleum products. I don’t understand why India is imposing a blockade. Is India punishing us for having promulgated an inclusive constitution? I actually want to know what India wants in Nepal. India needs to open all border points as in the past. So far as the demand of agitating parties is concerned, we can solve it through negotiations.


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