Being Good Neighbor In India-China Context

Being Good Neighbor In India-China Context

Dec. 9, 2017, 9:13 a.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL.11, No.10, December 08-2017 (Mangsir 22, 2074) Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

Let's appreciate -- for the good shouldn't be overshadowed by prejudice. There is so much good in India and China. We can spend our lifetime appreciating their history, culture, economic development, technological advancement, their warmth to Nepalese and their contribution, which has molded our nation and society. We owe both of them our good offices and good wishes for a prosperous China, India and Nepal relationship. Our future lies in a cordial China-India relationship.

 Nepalese have to realize our prosperity and stability lie on the peaceful and good relationship between our giant neighbors. Those of us who have personally and institutionally benefitted from these countries should come out and take initiatives to appreciate all the good things that India and China have done to us. Thousands of students from Nepal are studying in China and India under their respective government’s scholarship programs. Hundreds of thousands of Nepalese have worked and hundreds of thousands are still working in India. The work destination could be China if it welcomes Nepalese citizens. We all have to come together and create a movement to mitigate the ‘uncomfortableness’ between India and China. Every appreciation counts in this noble cause of Nepalese to win the hearts of Chinese and Indians. It is time to win hearts and not play cards of conspiracy against each other.

 There is so much good in China and India. We could talk about them. Every Nepali should be a good neighbor. The good-heartedness, smile, and bravery of Nepalese are renowned the world over. Let the smile rule. Let the kindness rule. Let us be bold to acknowledge that China and India have helped us in our dire situations. Let us be brave to make an effort to solve our problems with them. We have to take the initiative and create forums to offer our good-offices and facilitate their cordial relationship. Let us make India-China good relations our motto. We have to rise above our personal interests to solve neighborly uneasiness for a good cause. That is where our future lies. That will make a safer, fearless, prosperous and peaceful Asia and, as a consequence, a peaceful world.

The Chinese have always appreciated India's ancient civilization and vice versa. There is so much common between Chinese and Indians - sophistication, hospitality, warmth, good nature,  friendliness, helpfulness and pursuit of happiness. Both of them take pride as a nation which has glorious past and aspires to lead the world in the future. And no one can doubt their capabilities to do so. Together, through cooperation, they will surely do. The Indian spiritual and philosophical thought and the Chinese economic growth and technological advancement stand tall for every one of us around the world to appreciate. The heights they have achieved can only be marveled. Their future is for us to witness. The equality the Chinese women experience is vocally advocated in India. In their future lies our future.

 In this context, if Nepalese can make an effort to mitigate any unease between China and India, we should do so. We have to come forward to do it. Instead of being spectators we can fill in Asia with positive vibrations. It is in everyone's knowledge that friendliness is better than unfriendliness. With friends, we achieve more while we waste a lot of energy in hostility. No one gains much through enmity.

I had the opportunity to study and live in both these marvelous countries. There is an immense contribution of these two countries in my qualification and personality. I was in India for nine years during my youth and in China for ten months upon maturity. I have understood a little bit of China-India relationship and its consequences to Nepal and Nepalese. But what I understand the most is that Chinese and Indians are great friends of Nepal and it is also our duty to reciprocate our friendship by offering to ease ‘uncomfortableness’ between them through our good offices. Our relationship will be better by not just asking of what they can do to us but also by offering our unselfish services.

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