Teach For All Global Conference Brings 500 Education Leaders In Nepal

Teach For All Global Conference Brings 500 Education Leaders In Nepal

Oct. 24, 2018, 8:54 a.m.

Three day largest education conference will start from today. It will bring 500 education leaders from around the world to learn from Nepal.

According to Teach For Nepal, the Teach For All Global Conference where members of its global network will come together in Kathmandu, Nepal from 24 to 26 October 2018.

It is expected that nearly five hundred people, including both international and domestic delegates, will attend the Global Conference.

The Theme of the Conference will be “Community at the Center”. Underlying the theme is the belief that we are stronger when we bring our diverse voices together and to learn from some of the communities Teach For Nepal works closely with.

"One aspect of putting community at the center is ensuring that the voices and stories of those who are closest to the problems being addressed are central to the solutions." expressed Teach For Nepal CEO, Shisir Khanal.

The key objective of the conference is to engage in rich dialogue that reflects the diversity and spirit of learning from Nepal.

About Teach For Nepal

Teach For Nepal is a movement working to address educational inequality in Nepal that launched in 2013. One of its first initiatives has been to establish a program to recruit high achieving graduates and young professionals into teaching Fellowship. This initial Fellowship provides an initial intensive residential training followed by two years on-the-job training for new Fellows in the classroom. Now in its sixth year, the movement has achieved support from local government and shown strong results based on a number of assessments.

Fellows completing the Fellowship go to secondary schools serving lower-socio-economic-status communities. As well as complementing traditional teacher education, every year the Fellowship aims to draw a new pool of talented individuals into teaching and provide them with the leadership skills they need in order to have a long-term, systemic impact on educational inequality.

Currently, 110 Fellows are teaching English, science and maths in 51 schools in six districts across Nepal changing the lives of 10,000 children.

Teach For Nepal operates with the help of local donors, Nepalese living abroad and in partnership with the government, schools and corporates who want to help in reducing educational inequality in Nepal.

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