Japan Provides Assistance For Health Sector In Dang

Japan Provides Assistance For Health Sector In Dang

Feb. 15, 2019, 1:50 p.m.

Japanese Assistance for Reducing Maternal and Child Health Disparities in Gadhawa Rural Municipality, Dang District

Charge d’Affaires ad Interim of Japan to Nepal Yuzo Yoshioka, signed a grant contract for US$ 217,065 (approximately 24 million NRs.) with Kaeko Okuda, Program Manager of AMDA Multisectoral and Integrated Development Services (AMDA-MINDS) for the improvement of maternity and child health care in Dang District.

The support was made under the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects Scheme for FY 2018, and will be implemented by AMDA-MINDS, an international NGO based in Okayama, Japan. AMDA-MINDS will work with local partner NGO, AMDA Nepal.

The grant assistance will be used to construct eight health clinics, to install medical equipment in four health posts, and to provide trainings to develop the capacity of local government officials, medical staff, and local citizens for the betterment of the health sector.

According to a press release issued by Embassy of Japan Kathmandu, the project especially focuses on a socio-economically disadvantaged area, namely, Gadhawa Rural Municipality in Dang District. Women do not have enough nor prompt access to health care during their pregnancies due to lack of knowledge and support from their families. AMDA-MINDS also aims to emphasis the importance of health care for healthy family planning and newborn babies’ health. Their trainings and awareness programs are also aimed to impact the empowerment and self-management skills of local women.

Japan support In Dang for child mortality.jpg

"The Embassy of Japan in Nepal hopes that the project will improve both the health care services, and women’s and children’s health in Dang District. The Embassy also hopes that the project will enhance the friendly relationship between the peoples of Japan and Nepal," said a press release.

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