Mustang’s Landscape And Painting In Kathmandu

Mustang’s Landscape And Painting In Kathmandu

April 1, 2019, 8:22 a.m.

President of the Mustang Shakya Buddhist Association 27th Chokye Trichen Rinpoche and Jigme Singhi Palbar Bista, former Raja of Mustang, jointly inaugurated Landscapes of Mustang with paintings by Tsering Phonjo Gurung at Taragaun Museum in Boudha.

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Jointly organized by Himal Asia Foundation and The Mustang Shakya Buddhist Association, artist Tsering Phonjo Gurung displayed 70 paintings ranges from $150 to $ 300.

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Addressing the inaugural program, former King Jigme Singhi Palbar Bista said that the paintings reminded landscape and culture of Upper Mustang and exposed to the outside world.

Dr. Susanne von der Heide from Himal Asia said that Tsering Phonjo Gurung is a very talented young artist from Upper Mustang. She said that this is the right place to encourage young artist like Gurung to continue his work. Known for her dedication to promote culture and religion of Himalayan region, Dr. Susanne said Gurung is an emerging painter who has already acquired mastery in Tibetan paintings and arts.

Addressing the program vice president Ven.Tsering Tashi thanked Dr. Susanne for her contribution and support to preserve and conserve the historical monasteries of Upper Mustang.

Born in 1981 in Chosar, Upper Mustang, Nepal, artist Gurung loved to paint and his talent was discovered. At the age of 16, he began his Thangka painting training with Lhakpa Lama in Chosar. Having worked with wall painting restorer in Luigi Fieni at the Thubchen Gompa, he is not only a skilled Thangka and Landscapes painter but also has worked at different Monasteries all over Nepal to decorate these places with wall paintings. He recently painted Phuntsong Tahi Choeling Gompa in Pokhara.

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“Today is really wonderful day for me because today I got such a wonderful opportunity to present my arts in front of you distinguished individuals. To portray my homeland Mustang through my arts has been my long-term dream. To be honest, I must say that my dream has come true it is not because of me myself, but obviously it is due to the kindness of Dr. Susanne and the Mustang Sakya Buddhist Association. I also like to thank respected Gen Tsering Tashi, the vice president of Mustang Sakya Buddhist Association, for his support, guidance and inspiration.

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Attended by residents form Mustang and diplomats based in Kathmandu, the inauguration program was followed by the Garsar Cham Lama Dance which was performed by the monks of the Choede Monastery from Lo Manthang Mustang.

Posted by Keshab Poudel on Sunday, March 31, 2019

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