Vayu Cyclone To Bring Rain In Nepal

Vayu Cyclone To Bring Rain In Nepal

June 13, 2019, 7:32 a.m.

Developed in India very severe Cyclone Vayu To bring moderate rain in Nepal. According to meteorologist, Vayu will have a little impacts in Nepal but there will likely to have rain in many parts of Nepal. At a time when Western Disturbance continues, the Vayu will likely to impact further.

According to Metrological Forecasting Division, there will be partly to generally cloudy throughout the country. Thunderstorm accompanied with gusty winds and lightning likely to occur at some places of the country.

Indian Weather Channel, Skymeter said in a new twist in the journey of Cyclone Vayu, there are fair chances that this very severe cyclonic may drift away from the Saurashtra coast. According to Skymet Weather, Vayu is tracking north-northwestwards. Weather models are now indicating that there is fair amount of probability that very severe cyclone Vayu may just skirt the Gujarat coast near Porbandar, close to Dwarka or Okha coast.

The system would continue to travel in water but proximity of coast might led to its weakening. Very severe cyclone Vayu which at present is Category 2 storm may weaken into a Category 1 storm. However, system would be packed with the winds to the tune of 135 kmph to 145 kmph gusting up to 175 kmph may cause damage.

As the system curves north-northwest, the speed of the system would become slow as . After crossing the Gujarat coast , Vayu would encounter an anti-cyclone over North Arabian Sea. As a result, the system might become stagnant near Karachi Coast. There are chances that Vayu may not make landfall and weaken in the sea itself. However, we need to wait and watch for all these probabilities.

Following the High-Level Review meeting taken by Union Home Minister on Cyclone Vayu, Ministry of Home Affairs has issued detailed advisories to the State of Gujarat and UT of Diu requesting them to take all precautionary measures with a view to ensure that no human life is lost, damage to vital infrastructure is minimized and to ensure early recovery of all essential services post-cyclone landfall. State/UT Governments have also been advised for timely evacuation of people from low-lying coastal and vulnerable areas.


According to Skymet Weather, as of now, Cyclone Vayu is moving at a fast pace of around 15 kmph. With this, clouding have already reached Saurashtra region of Guajarat. Several places have alos started encountering squally winds. We expect rains to begin anytime now. Initially, rains would be light but would eventually pick up the pace by midnight.

Cyclone Vayu is the first cyclone to hit the Gujarat coast in the last one decade.

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