Radission Hotel To Host Lucknowi Food Festival 2019

Radission Hotel To Host Lucknowi Food Festival 2019

Sept. 5, 2019, 2:18 p.m.

Radisson Hotel Kathmandu is hosting The Lucknowi Food Festival at The Fun Café, Radisson Hotel Kathmandu from 6th September 2019- 15th September 2019 to promote Lucknowi cuisine to local and international guests.

The eventful festival will provide Lucknowi cultural demonstration comprising of cultural performances of Lucknowi Gharanas on the opening date of the festival and Lucknowi attired staff to welcome the guest, and so much more.

With our Master Chef Shabir Ali from Radisson Lucknow, we are determined to outdo the Lucknowi gastronomy in terms of taste, flavor, presentation and overall delight. The buffet layout by our chefs will purposefully serve finest dishes for the ultimate wholesome feast.

Utpal Kumar Mondal, Executive Chef of Radisson Hotel Kathmandu, said that Master Chef Sahabir is a world class Chef with wide experiences in Lucknowi food. He said that he will offer a world class food during the festival.

He said that there will be Biryani and Kabab with spcial ingredents of Lucknowi Gharana. Master Chef Shabir Ali from Radisson Lucknow said that he will cook various foods with a special test.

The inaugural ceremony on 6th September at Waterfall Garden, will be graced by Manjeev Singh Puri, Indian Ambassador to Nepal along with invitees from embassies, corporate houses and expats.

From 7th September 2019- 15th September 2019, festival will be promoted for dinner at The Fun Café. Star items of the festival are Gosht Galouti Kebab, Murgh Banno Kebab, Paneer Anjeer Ki Seekh, Kareli Nehari, Gucchi Murgh, Makai Shahzadi, Gosth Dum Biryani, Sheermal, Nawabi Zarda, Shahi Tukda and many more. The price of the Lucknowi buffet is Nrs. 1999 + 24.3 % Taxes.

raddision Lucknow food.png

Last week, a pogram was delayed for half and hours in Bhajani Municipality. It was not becuase of absence of mayor and chief guest but delay of arrival of a person with physical disability. Local level bodies and other organisations have recently set a rule making the presence of Persons with Disabilities (PwDs) at dias is mandatory.

Till a decade ago, many villages of eastern Kailali district, the overwhelming majority of people considered People with Disabilities (PwDs) as curse of previous life and inviting them in public function and ceremony as bad luck.People used the words with disrespect while summouning or calling them.

Not only this even there is a tradition to make any dias be made freindly to people with disability.

This is what a major change chairperson of Deigo Bikash, a NGO working in various sectors in Kalilai, Ram Bahadur Sunar holds the views that the hoslitic integrated devleopment appoach followed by National Development Program is reason behind quicly producing the results in the areas of disability.

"Forget about other, even we do have a little knowldge about the People with Disability (PwD) and theri needs before the launching of the programs. We have worked in different sectors in the areas, this is the first program of its kind completly dedicated to PwD," said Sunar. Priority are given to PwDs in recruting staffs and board of directors.

Although the number of PwD in eastern Rural and Urban Municiapality of Kaliali district is compaetively higher, the level of awarness is lower in the region before the implementation of program.

"Since PwDs are a very different issue. One needs to know legal, constituioal, physical and other differnt issues," said Suanr. Even, there are different dignified vocabularies to call PwDs. Asking people to change the traditional words was itself a big challange. However, we are manage to do it.'

In public places one can see the termionology written in the board to call different types of PwDs. Persons with Disabilities, Person with Physical Disability, Visually Impaired Person, Person with Hearing Impairments. Person who is unable to speak, Wheelchair bound is known as person using a wheelchair, Person with Intellectual Disabilities, Person with Psychosocial Disabilities.

From family, to community and elected offices, financial instituion and government offices, the program is able to inject the new perceptions regardign the PwDs.

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