PATA Team Discuses Nepal-India Tourism Promotion Issue

PATA Team Discuses Nepal-India Tourism Promotion Issue

Sept. 8, 2019, 11:45 a.m.

The PATA team led by Sunil Shakya,Chairman, made a courtesy call to the ambassador of India to Nepal Manjeev Singh Puri and discussed potential opportunities of working together and benefiting the tourism stakeholders of both neighboring countries.

The PATA Nepal Chapter team, comprising of Sunil Shakya (Chairman) Chand Thakur (General Secretary) Shiva Prasad Dhakal (Treasurer) and Suresh Singh Budal (Chief Executive Officer) met with Ambassador Manjeev Singh Puri, at the Indian Embassy in Kathmandu on 6th Sept. They discussed the necessary collaboration and support for tourism promotion of Nepal and India.

PATA Nepal Chairman Shakya briefed about a noble initiative of PATA Nepal Chapter in collaboration with Visit Nepal Year 2020 and Nepal Tourism Board to launch the first tri-national event, Nepal India China Expo (NICE), and requested for the necessary cooperation and support for the successful organization of this historic event in 2020.

Ambassador commended PATA for being a well-recognized brand in Nepal, as well as throughout the entire Asia-Pacific region playing an active role for sustainable development of tourism with innovative events, aligned advocacy and valuable Insights to the industry. He assured for the continued collaboration and support from India for every innovative event like NICE and others to promote Nepal’s tourism.

Furthermore, ambassador Puri asked PATA Nepal to work for promoting Nepal as a coveted wedding destination, as well as for MICE, for which most of the Indian tourists would love to come to Nepal. He also shed light on the need for Nepal to develop the tourism activities and infrastructures in the border areas, to capitalize the prospective tourism growth via Border Tourism.

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