KUL MAN GHISING Generation To Transmission

As many hydropower projects are on the final stage of completion, NEA’s MD Kulman Ghising is now in rush to complete stalled transmissionline

Feb. 25, 2020, 10:03 a.m.

Managing director of Nepal Electricity Authority Kulman Ghising has been rushing from one place to another to convince the local communities. While many of transmission line are under dispute due to obstruction created by local people, MD Ghising’s has been spending most of his time visiting the sites and convincing community.

Due to his efforts, many transmissionline projects, which faced hurdles, completed. However, some are still facing problems. One of the projects Solu-corridor Transmission Project.

After convincing people obstructing transmissionline projects in half a dozen of a dozen of region, MD Ghising visited Maruwa requesting locals to end obstruction in Transmission Towers of Solu Corridor

MD Ghising has urged the people to cooperate in completing Solu Corridor Transmission line. With the obstruction of created by a group of people in Udayapur Municipality, the process of construction has halted now.

With his effort to resolve obstacles against the construction of transmission line under the Solu Corridor at Maruwa of Katari Municipality-4 in Udayapur district, MD Ghising the sites and interacted with local community.

Urging the local peoples, who have blocked the construction of nine tower of transmission line for the last two years demanding relocation of the transmission towers, MD Ghising said that the state will to pay huge amount of money to hydropower companies under final stage of completion in the areas.

“If we are unable to complete the project in time, the power generated by private hydropower would to waste and NEA would have to pay for it,” said Ghising,

MD Ghising, Mayor of Katari Municipality Gyanendra Shrestha and ward chairmen and local representatives held discussions with the locals by inspecting the area where the transmission towers are to be built.

“As the tranmissionline is at the final state, it is impossible to relocate now,” said MD Ghising adding that NEA will provide necessary support for local people if necessary.

The 132 kVA double-circuit Solu Corridor transmission line is being constructed under the investment of the government of Nepal, NEA and a soft loan obtained from the Indian Exim Bank.

“We have designed the transmissionline to prevent the fertile land and settlement. There is no best approach than this one,” said Ghising.

"A situation to pay compensation to the private sector will come up if the transmission line is not built to supply power in time. It is not possible to reroute the transmission at the last hour," he said.

“We are ready to provide maximum compensation to the land owners whose land is used for the transmission towers and NEA will spend additional money under corporate social responsibility,” said MD Ghising.

Stating that many transmission lines were in construction phase across the country, he said that no transmission line could be built if the NEA was asked to reroute them.

Mayor Shrestha said that the municipality was committed to support the construction of the national pride transmission line by resolving the obstruction of the locals.

Project Chief Janardan Gautam said that the construction of the transmission line would be completed in time if the obstruction was resolved.

Ninety long transmission line 303 transmission towers. Out of this 160 towers have already been erected and foundations of 248 towers have been laid.

The transmission line evacuates 432 MW of power generated by twelve hydropower projects in the region. The NEA has already inked power purchase agreements with 12 hydropower projects.

Freeing Nepal from prolong loadshedding, Managing Director of Nepal Electricity Authority, Kul Man Ghising has been working to complete the stalled transmission line projects to sustain the achievements.




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