Hotel Ambassador Kathmandu Celebrates 42nd Years Of Establishment

Hotel Ambassador Kathmandu Celebrates 42nd Years Of Establishment

March 10, 2020, 1:15 p.m.

Hotel Ambassador celebrated 42 years of establishment day and third reopening recently. Former Prime Minister Dr. Baburam Bhattrai inaugurated the formal session of the celebration amidst in hotel premise today.

"The Ambassador is a four-star hotel in Kathmandu run by ACE Hotels and its founder Basanta Bahadu Shakya. We have Ambassador and Club Himalayan under ACE hotels. Around Rs.10 billion (100 crore) already invested for the service we are delivering now till this time," said Yogendra Sakya, chairman of ACE Hotels.

"It is an ideal choice for guests who want to experience everything great that the city has to offer, without having to venture too far. The Ambassador combines contemporary design with local craftsmanship to create an atmosphere that is urban yet unique. The hotel offers a diverse range of accommodations designed to suit the varying needs of guest," said a press release.


It has 72 rooms, 2 gift shop, one conference hall, bakery shop called ‘La Mari’ and 2 meeting halls in it. Our Japanese restaurant ‘Kotetsu’ is already famous. Not only this, Hotel also offers ‘Yoga and Cardio’ classes to our guests for maintaining good health while staying in this city. We will expand some meeting halls very soon.

"The ACE Hotels is planning to expand its investment on Hub Lumbini and Hub Nagarcot in next two years. Hub Hotel is not only a hotel but also a hub of shopping Centre, apartments, and movies in it. Hub projects will be launched with JV between ACE Hotels and CE Construction," said Sakya.

The Ambassador's journey started in 1963 as a residential bungalow and later converted into a ten-room hotel. In 1954, Siddhi Bahadur Sakya, the father of Basanta Bahadur Shakya purchased land in Lainchaur very close to the Royal Palace, Rana residents and the British Residency. Later, Basanta Bahadur build bungalow in the land with western architecture and started the business of hospitality. He was a visionary person who easily studied rapidly changing trends in the society.

The valley was growing fast drawing the attention of the world more than it ever did in its thousands of years of history. He though people will search for a place to stay if the number increase. We have legendary Nepalese hospitality industries now, Basanta Bahadur is the trailblazer.

The Ambassador now stands tall at the center of Kathmandu but, while the building may be new, it still carries the legacy of providing guests with an unparalleled hospitality experience for an unprecedented value. In its initial days, the Ambassador started with four rooms and some modern amenities. Mr. Bell, residential employee of British Embassy rented the building for the first and entered into the era of property leasing for short term stay in Nepal. It was the first properties to be leased for rent in Kathmandu.

In 1961, the government decided of expanding Narayanhiti Royal Palace to Sheetal Niwas way and some portion of the building compound was cut. It was first sacrifice to the country.

In 1970, Nepal promoted itself as the destination of young and restless people in search of peace in Shangri-La. It it the time, residents of Kathmandu valley realized the potential in hotel and lodges. Basanta Bahadur was continuously serving temporary residence for short term guests. He expanded ten rooms from four. In 1978, the building registered as Hotel Ambassador. Two more blocks added on each side of the main building, bringing the total number of 32 rooms.


In 2013, the Hotel building was entirely rebuilt. Old one torn down and newer built ensuring all available modern amenities in it. The resilience of the Sakya clan reflected in the 30ft banner that covered the dismantled face of the old Hotel Ambassador “Change is Opportunity”. Yogendra, the elder son of Basanta Bahadur leads Hotel Ambassador now and he has the challenges of maintaining the legacy alive.

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