Ramnvami 2022: Importance And Significance

Ramnvami 2022: Importance And Significance

April 10, 2022, 8:34 a.m.

People in Nepal and India are celebrating the auspicious day of Ram Navami today (April 10). Ram Navami marks the end of Chaitra Navratri. Chaitra Navratri started in India on April 2.

Cancelled ritual holiday by Loktantrik government unknown reasons after the promulgation of new Republican constitution, this year the communist dominated government led by NC leader Sher Bahadur Deuba.

Ram Navami holds a great significance as the day is celebrated as the birthday of Lord Rama who is known to be the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu. The Hindu community celebrates the festival with great zeal and pomp and also performs the rituals of Kanya Puja.

Ram Navami is an important Hindu festival, celebrated every year on the ninth day of Chaitra month (the first month in the Hindu lunar calendar) — it falls on April 10 this year. The Hindus celebrate Ram Navami to honor the birth of Lord Rama. Did you know that the Hindus believe that Lord Rama is the supreme God and holds an important place in the hearts of all Hindus living across the world?


Ram Navami is celebrated to commemorate the birth of Lord Rama to the king of Ayodhya, King Dasharatha. It is known that King Dashratha had three queens, Kaushalya, Sumitra, and Kaikeyi. The three queens were unable to give birth to a child for a very long time.

King Dashratha performed a sacred ritual known as “Putrakameshti Yagna,” which was suggested by a sage, Vasishtha. In the ritual, the king served ‘payasam’ to all his wives to fulfill his wish of having a child. As a result, the king was blessed with a baby boy on the ninth day of the Hindu month, Chitra. Queen Kaushalya gave birth to Lord Rama, whereas the other queens gave birth to Lakshmana and Bharata.

Ram Navami is one of the five major holidays celebrated by the people belonging to the upper and lower castes in Hindu society. Lord Rama is believed to be the seventh avatar of the Hindu Lord Vishnu. Although this day is declared as a holiday in many Indian states, it is celebrated on different days. The Hindus celebrate this day by going to temples, observing fasts, and seeking Lord Rama’s blessings. This spring festival clearly promotes the idea of the victory of good over evil.

The two most important days in Navratri are the last two days. Ashtami and Navami have a great significance, and the highlight of the days is Kanya Pujan. It takes place either on Ashtami or Navami. This year, Ashtami falls on April 9, while Ram Navami is on April 10.

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Lord Ramachandra is worshiped in temples on the occasion of Ramnavami festival, which is celebrated to commemorate the victory of truth over falsehood and in the memory of Lord Rama.

In the third era, Lord Rama was born in Ayodhya, India, in an incarnation of Vishnu as the son of King Dasharatha and Queen Kaushalyavati. In the same memory there is a tradition of bathing in holy rivers, lakes and ponds, fasting, reciting Ram Gita, reciting spiritual, Valmiki, Tulsikrit and Bhanubhaktiya Ramayana and worshiping Lord Rama and chanting hymns throughout the night.

It is mentioned in the scripture named ‘Vratak’ that by fasting and worshiping Shri Ram on this day, the desired tasks are accomplished and Baikuntha resides in the next birth.

Born as the seventh incarnation of Lord Vishnu, the eldest son of King Dasharatha of Ayodhya, Shri Ram married Sita, the daughter of King Janak of Mithila, and destroyed the sinners and evil demons from the world. Shri Ram had fulfilled the classical belief of ‘Lok Ranjanat Raja’.

His reign in Ayodhya is remembered even today as an ideal man devoted to his father and mother, respecting elders and loving the younger. It is said that Lord Vishnu took birth in the form of Rama in the human world to protect the righteous by ending the evil in the universe.

Former Associate Professor of Valmiki Vidyapeeth Shri Ram Sapkota said that the festival of Ram Navami was celebrated with the hope that we too would have the same qualities as Ram.

It is mentioned in the scriptures including Ramayana that fasting, worshiping and worshiping Shri Ram on the day of Ramnavami will bring happiness, peace and prosperity in this world.

It is mentioned in religious scriptures that the celebration of Ram Navami was started in his memory because he accepted the strict orders of his father and inspired mankind to walk on the path of truth.

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