IME GROPUP AT 22: Big Realty Of A Small Dream

Starting from a small rented room by its founder Chandra Prasad Dhakal, IME Group has shown how a small dram can turn into a big reality branding IME as synonymous to remittance transactions

June 13, 2022, 10:43 a.m.

As Confucius says, the man who moves a mountain begins by carrying away small stones. This is true with Chandra Prasad Dhakal, founder of IME Group and senior vice president of the Federation of Nepalese Chamber of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI).

His company IME is now synonymous with remittances transactions. Everyone says receiving and sending remittance as IME, the name of the company. Even Dhakal feels proud of this.

When one has set his sights set on the prize, he or she is more likely to get there than not. Even if he or she doesn’t always get to the place he or expected, the journey along the way makes it worth it. The biggest of goals and dreams always start off with the smallest thought or idea. This is what senior Dhakal with his brother Hem Raj Dhakal, the Co-Founder and Managing Director of International Money Express (IME), have done in the matter of two decades.

As IME Group has celebrated its 22nd anniversary on Sunday 12, June at Hotel Yak and Yeti, the fame of the company is at its climax.

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Established in 2001, IME is the pioneer of money transfer services in Nepal. Elder Dhakal has been in the face and his brother who introduced a new Payment gateway and changed the system of money transfer services takes a back seat.

The thought that one wants to run his or her own business starts off innocent enough. That small vision and that hope that one will be one day the BOSS of his own successful venture starts to create even bigger thoughts and dreams of the path you need to roll down to arrive at that point.

Completely backed by his brother, Chandra Prasad Dhakal has turned the small venture into a global look now. Dhakal proves that the biggest dream always starts with a small idea.


He is always aware not to let those life-changing thoughts escape his grasp, grab them and ride them to the promised land. Be confident and be real, Chandra Prasad Dhakal focuses on the journey and the process which led to his organization at the present level.

As the group holds its 22nd anniversary, IME group has already established itself as a brand of Nepal in banking, tourism, recreation and other various sectors of the industry.

Addressing the anniversary, Chandra Prasad Dhakal, founder of IME Group, said that the IME Group, which started from one room, had reached the position of providing direct and indirect employment to 40,000 people.

Dhakal, who is also senior vice-president of the Federation of Nepalese Chambers of Commerce and Industry (FNCCI), suggested that the economic activities of the country would increase if the issues in the budget were implemented.

Attended by the people from various walks of life including the business community, bureaucrats and political leaders, the gathering was full of established personalities.

Addressing the program President of Confederation of Nepalese Industries Vishnu Agrawal and former president of Nepal Chamber of Commerce Rajesh Kazi Shrestha stressed the need of playing a significant role from all sectors to bring remittance through the banking channel.

Addressing the 22nd anniversary of IME Limited on Sunday, Finance Minister Janardan Sharma said that the role of remittance companies in earning foreign exchange was important.

As a major company to bring remittances through formal channels in the country, IME group has immensely contributed to Nepalese economic sectors and the livelihood of people in rural parts of Nepal.

Acknowledging the contribution of IME Group, Finance minister Sharma hailed the contribution made by the remittance company in reducing the Hundi transaction by bringing remittance through legal channels. Minister Sharma also informed that the budget of FY 2022/23 has also aimed at addressing many issues by bringing in foreign currency through remittances.

"Remittance companies like IME and Global IME Banks are becoming a means to send the earnings of Nepalis living abroad safely to Nepal. This is a great contribution to the country.”

On the occasion, Chief Secretary Shanker Das Bairagi stressed the need of taking initiative by all to bring remittance through formal channels. “The remittance is a source of our foreign currency earning. It is necessary to use it in the productive sector of the country,” he said.

Speaking on the occasion, Finance Secretary Madhu Kumar Marasini said that IME Limited had transformed into a culture of bringing in foreign currency. He said that remittances were being used for food, shelter and clothes adding the money needed to be used for capital formation in the coming days.

‘Remittance money seems to be used more for personal consumption. First of all, we have to manage food, shelter and clothes,” he said. “In the coming days, remittance money needs to be used for nation-building.”

Secretary at the Ministry of Labour, Employment and Social Security Yek Nath Aryal stressed on the need of increasing awareness among the migrant workers to send money earned there through the formal channel.

From banking to recreations like cable cars, trading and other industries, Chandra Prasad Dhakal shows that a small dream is more powerful than a thousand realities.

Although his company grows to a larger scale what has not changed is his s modest and humble behavior. Addressing the gathering, Dhakal shows his sincere humble words to welcome the guest.

As Mark Twain says, “Every big dream starts from Small, As Mark Twin said keep away from people, who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.”

Dhakal proves this in real-world in just a matter of two decades giving up his officer’s position at Rashtriya Banijya Bank to start a new banking venture to bring remittance.

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