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Jan. 23, 2011, 5:45 p.m.

The United Nations Mission in Nepal (UNMIN) is gone. After full 4 years. The peace process it was supposed to assist is not complete yet.  The initial target of  6 months now sounds like a joke. After repeated extension of the UNMIN, the peace process is, instead, in danger.  This, in itself, puts a questions mark on the UN mission’s performance, notwithstanding the arguments in favour or against its extension.  The UN may blame the ‘insincere’ Nepali actors. Critics may point fingers at the ‘pro-Maoist bias’ of the UN peace mission. The undisputed reality is:  the UNMIN is gone without its mission accomplished.  How will the peace process move now is the question that has been haunting many. Some are optimistic, some others are not.  The only thing that is certain is uncertainty.  The reason? The Nepali actors are fast losing control over what should happen in Nepal and how.  That was what happened to the fate of the UNMIN. As Nepali actors remained divided, the world  and the regional powers had the final say. This is what we have attempted to delve into in our cover story. Would Nepal have been worse off without the UNMIN? Or would be it better now that it is gone? That again, unfortunately, will in all probability, be decided not in the corridors of power in Kathmandu but in the powerful capitals abroad.

Keshab Poudel

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