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Jan. 23, 2011, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. :04 No.-15 Jan. 21-2011 (Magh 07,2067)

Despite a nation-wide crisis of cash and economic slowdown, Himalayan Bank Limited has achieved a major success in the fiscal year 2066/67. Under a capable and dynamic leadership, the bank was able to maintain its efficiency and performance.

In the fiscal year 2066/67, the bank’s total deposit reached Rs. 37.611 billion for the period under review, recording an increase of 8.44 percent over the deposit of previous year.  The loans and advances reached Rs. 29.124 billion during the period under review, recording an increase of 14.12 percent. Presenting its report to Annual General Meeting (AGM), the bank also proposed several new schemes for coming years.

According to the bank’s press release, it was able to make an operating profit of Rs. 579.231 million during the review period. The net profit of the bank reached Rs. 508.798 million.

In the current Activities and Achievements as of Mangsir End 2067 or first 5 months of the current fiscal year,  the deposit base of the bank was Rs. 39.466 billion and the loan portfolio of the bank was Rs. 32.535 billion with the operating profit  Rs. 574.857 million.

In the process of increasing accessibility, HBL installed 3 additional ATMs (Automated Teller Machines), one each at Gorkha, Kalanki and Satdobato. At present, there are a total of 53 ATMs deployed by HBL in different parts of the country (33 units inside Kathmandu valley & 21 units outside Kathmandu valley).

As HBL has been expanding its services, it established Gorkha, Kalanki & Satdobato branches to add up to a total of 33 (14 branches inside the valley and 19 outside it).

To attract depositors, HBL launched a new deposit product named ‘Special Payroll Account’. HBL launched EMV (chip based) card acquiring business in its POS terminals. HBL is the first financial institution in the country to start EMV card acquiring business.

Along with making profit, the bank also got involved in the humanitarian assistance as HBL provided financial assistance of Rs. 0.5 million as donation to the Embassy of Pakistan, Kathmandu as a humanitarian aid for conducting rescue and relief operations in the flood affected areas of Pakistan

A large number of Nepalese are working outside the country, and HBL has been certified as the 19th participant in ‘Worker’s Remittance’ service going live by SWIFT. ‘Worker’s Remittance’ is a global remittance platform developed by SWIFT. HBL is the first financial institution in South Asia to achieve this certificate.

The AGM  also approved planned activities for the next 7 months of the current fiscal year.

HBL has envisioned extension of additional 13 ATMs and 6 branches in the valley and beyond.  HBL will be issuing chip based EMV debit and credit cards very soon and   HBL is firmly committed to roll out some technology driven new products and services.

HBL has targeted to make available ‘365 Day’s Banking Service’ and morning & evening counter service from all the 33 branches. HBL has targeted to expand remittance business to Asian, European and American markets with a focus on further sophisticated services.

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