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May 1, 2011, 5:45 p.m.

The relations between Nepal’s industrialists and trade unions have never been as good as you would want them to be, that is, complimentary to each other. Trade union leaders see the industrialists with skepticism. Frustrated by constant threat of general strike from labor leaders, industrialists do not take trade union issues positively. This psychological factor is responsible in further deteriorating the situation in the industrial sector. Because of constant stir, investors are gradually running away from making investment and no foreign investor sees Nepal as an investment friendly country. Recent strikes and stirs prove the perception of investors is more or less correct. Nepal’s trade union organizations are heavily politicized, thus it is fractured and divided on the basis of leadership in the party. This is the reason there needs to be political intervention as and when a major stir disturbs the industrial atmosphere. This is what, some people think, should be the response to trade union stirs. At a time when Nepal’s trade unions are creating more troubles to the industrial sector, the workers are celebrating the May Day. Listen to the May Day parade, political slogans dominate labor issues. Many political parties regard May Day as an occasion to show their muscles. In the context of an unstable industrial atmosphere, New Spotlight has decided to look into the growing industrial stirs and role of trade unions as a cover story for this issue.


Keshab Poudel


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