Had A Nice Time?


Jan. 16, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol. : 05 No.-13 Jan. 13 -2012 (Poush 29,2068)<BR>

People were celebrating the new year and bidding goodbye to the old. Restaurants and clubs in the capital were full of people with high spirit. Facebook homepage crammed with night long plans. The next day featured hangover traumas. People did tell us what a nice time they had ‘celebrating’.

Apparently we have become much more extravagant and eager to celebrate than before. The result in the end is that we don’t celebrate, we overexert. We just don’t stay within the boundaries of what would have been a very decent peaceful celebration. We give it that degrading touch to worsen it with over-the-top, unnecessary add-ons.

Grand occasions like weddings and graduations have always been over rated and thus followed by gaudy celebrations. Tales of people struggling financially to pay the expenses to fund such events are not unheard of.  On the other hand, a small part of the larger whole have realised the unrequited expenses and moved on to much simpler celebrations, regardless of their material possessions. Most people sadly choose to go with the horde and not the wiser minority. Let alone grand occasions, we tend to make simple things complex too. Simplest of occasions like birthdays or anniversaries gain the superfluous light, again with great expenditures. In addition to that, the invitees are clad in meretricious apparels topped with loud jewellery themselves to go shoulder to shoulder with the event.

Celebrating once in a while is never a problem because with growing westernization, it has become a part of our normal lives. But for many reasons, it looks as if we love to celebrate everything in the wildest way possible, be it birthdays, Christmas or even Dasain! And it is more depressing when the tender youths get enthusiastic with every such celebration and find ways around their families to attend one very often. This in turn plays a major role hampering their mental and emotional status.

Not all families consent to younger members staying away from home at late hours to attend parties, especially if with friends. This then carves the urge in them to find false excuses to get out of the house. Lying and deceiving obviously does increase but this also gives way to delinquent actions like underage drinking or violating vehicular rules. Moreover, the productive time gets wasted along with the vigour.

If it is true that we learn to like what we do, tomorrow will we become one of the overdramatic party organisers and goers looking for reasons just to gulp down the drinks? Will we put our pretentious self forward to dress histrionically and not care about the sentiments of those who cannot afford to do so? While we ourselves criticize the worsening of ‘teej’ by women who earlier merely fasted, how can we then worsen rest of the events ourselves and get away with it?


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