“People willing to take the role of executive should accept the position farsightedly” 

<br><STRONG>Ashok Rana,</STRONG> CEO of Himalayan Bank Ltd

Jan. 29, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-14 Jan. 27-2012 (Magh 13,2068)<BR>

Everybody is worried about the situation after Poush. What are you expecting after that period?

Poush comes as a big event for every bank and financial intuition as it is the time to register half year’s profits. Along with that, huge amount of money goes out of banks as taxes. Liquidity of banks goes down after Poush.

Every bank is worried about their investment in the realty sector. Rastra Bank is also querying bankers about the introduction of asset Management Company.

After a lot of discussion, the government has decided that people wouldn’t have to show their income source for up to 10 million in stock transactions. Is this a welcome step for BFIs?

I don’t think so. There is a lot of money with people who haven’t paid taxes. They are worried as government looks for their income source and the government is thinking people will come out and invest if their sources are not scrutinized. Those who are working legally have to pay taxes up to 35 percent but those who hide their income receive tax waiver. If this is the case then it will affect those who are paying taxes. Who will pay taxes then?

Likewise, even if the loan limit in the realty sector is increased, it will not solve the problem.

Everybody is looking for a decrease in the interest rates. What are your thoughts?

It is difficult to decrease the interest rates straight away. Still, banks are taking deposits at 12 percent. 25 percent banks are new in business; it will take five years for them to settle. Till that time, the interest rates won’t go down.

The problem in the Himalayan Bank has surfaced like in other banks, why?

In the recent times, all banks are facing troubles. Lack of organizational disciplines is seen. If people want power, they should take the executive title. Without taking the title, you cannot enjoy the executive power. This is the main reason for all the troubled banks.

In some cases, people take the executive power but don’t work accordingly. If people want, they should take the position farsightedly and it will be beneficial for both the company and the person himself.



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