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March 4, 2012, 5:45 p.m.

It was a business as usual on March 8. The International Women’s Day was celebrated with various programs across the globe. Nepal has also been celebrating the Day since 1975. In the last 37 years, a lot of transformation has taken place in the lives of Nepalese women. They have made tremendous progress in education, health and other sectors. There are many incentives to the women and the government is giving high priority to their uplift. Along with these notes of progress and hope, the situation remains somewhat despairing as well. In rural parts of the country and even in urban areas, violence against women continues to increase. In the name of witch, women in rural parts of Nepal are physically assaulted and killed. Nepal’s HIV/AIDS prevalence is declining but the number of infected housewives is alarmingly rising. As more males are going abroad for work, they come back to infect their spouses. In this issue, we have brought women’s Issues as the cover story. We invited various stakeholders to discuss the issues for the coverage.

Despite efforts of political parties, it is still uncertain whether the new constitution will be promulgated by May 27. If Nepal fails to promulgate the new constitution, the country will have to see a major political upheaval. This issue also looks into this matter. Along with this, we have also covered all other important political and economic issues.

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