Shantibarsha English Boarding School has proved that a school can impart quality education even if it is far away from the capital<br>A CORRESSPONDENT

March 5, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 05 No.-16 Mar. 02-2012 (Falgun 19,2068)<br>

Shree Shantibarsha English Boarding High School has proved that it does not have to be a school in the capital to produce good students and impart quality education. In its twenty-five years’ long history, Shree Shantibarsha English Boarding School has produced more than hundreds of students, who later went to serve in the medicine, engineering and other sectors.

“More than two dozens of our students are now medical doctors. Similar numbers of students are engineers. There are many others of the school who are now working in other sectors. Established 25 years ago by an educational enthusiastic in Damauli, 100 kilometers west of capital Kathmandu, the school has changed the entire education table of Tanahu,” said Damberdev Kaini.

Although the school faced the darkest period during the Maoist insurgency, it has been able to regain its past glory.

“Our school has achieved much success in Tanahu district by establishing itself as one of the best schools in western Nepal,” said Brisharaj Shrestha, chairman of the School Management Committee.

Attending as the chief guest at the school function, former education minister Govinda Raj Joshi underlined the need to promote the private sector in education.  “The duty of the government is to work just as the regulator,” said Joshi. “Santibarsha English Boarding School has shown how public and private investment can thrive in education.”

With over 1500 students, the school has its fame and prestige in Tanahu. It is the only private school producing such a large number of quality students in a short span of time. “We are encouraging the teachers to be stakeholders.

Despite competition, the school is thriving in Damauli. With its own building and committed teachers and enthusiastic guardians, the school is making a difference in the region. Run by local teachers and local parents, the school has proved that quality is the matter.

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