May 7, 2012, 5:45 p.m.

Nepal is celebrating Nepal Investment Year 2012. Improving labor relations is important to lure investment. In a competitive environment, with the opening up of new investment friendly places worldwide, countries like Nepal have to prove that they are competitive and friendly as well. For this, Nepal’s labor organizations can play an important role. Despite the sporadic incidents of violence and militancy, Nepal’s trade union movement is gradually heading towards normalcy. In this context, there is a space to be optimistic. As Nepal’s workers celebrated May Day with a great fanfare, we have decided to look at trade union problems and issues in Nepal’s context.  As Nepal has been passing through a serious political crisis and there is uncertainty over the promulgation of new constitution by May 27, we have decided to reproduce the interview of senior advocate Ganesh Raj Sharma, which was published back in 2006. It is much more relevant in Nepal’s present context.  Along with this, the regular columns and other development agenda are also there in the issue.



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