NC, UML Killed CA: Mahato

<br>President of Nepal Sadhvana Party, <STRONG>RAJENDRA MAHATO</STRONG>

June 11, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No. -01 June. 08-2012 (Jestha 26, 2069)<br>

It is Nepali Congress and CPN-UML, which are responsible for the present political crisis and untimely death of the Constituent Assembly. Had they got any morality, they would have given up politics a long time back. Maoists and SLMM fought tooth and nail till the last minute to save the CA. However, NC and CPN-UML leaders did not budge on a single agenda. Finally, the mandatory decision of the Supreme Court forced the coalition government to dissolve the CA and call for fresh elections.

Had not there been a mandatory order of the court, we would not allow the CA to die. The government made every effort to save the CA from its untimely demise but NC and CPN-UML leaders did not support us. They opposed the constitutional amendment bill when we tabled it in the Legislature Parliament.

Everything is there before the people on how these parties opposed the move of Madheshis, Janjatis and Dalits to get equal rights. In the coming elections, we will expose them. After the demise of the CA, it was Madheshi people and Madheshi communities who suffered the most. I can say that Nepali Congress and CPN-UML are anti-Madheshi and anti-Janajati parties. Many Janajati and Madheshi leaders have already declared that they will leave both parties.

The option is now to go to the people as the people are supreme. We will expose those who had done wrong and support those who had right. We want to see the people punishing the wrongdoers. I am certain that in the coming elections the Maoist-Madheshi and Janajati Morcha will wipe out these regressive forces and write the new constitution to make the people supreme. From state restructuring to forms of government, we will come out with utmost flexibility.

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