Nagarkot Monsoon Blues


July 30, 2012, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol.: 06 No-. 04 July 27-2012 (Shrawan 12,2069)<br>

Nagarkot is one of the best places to unwind for the Kathmanduites. To beat the heat and the busy weekday-life, a family trip of ours had been arranged to the picturesque getaway last weekend. However, the scenic hill station did not turn out to be as expected. The first jolt came as soon as we set out for our journey. Grubby, muddy and to top it all the rainfall from the previous day had completely ruined the way to our much hyped resort, famous for hosting high profile personalities. After much effort we managed to reach where we were struck with a second blow -- the pathetic service. The view next morning wasn’t something to write home about either. The beautiful mountain range normally visible was masked by the mist and smog. The family get-together in itself  turned out to be a  fun event, but Nagarkot, we understood ,was not meant for monsoons!  

Kathmandu Roads

Speaking about monsoon, travelling in the streets of Kathmandu in this season has now started to become a nightmare. It has been quite sometime that the road extension had started but it shows no signs of ending anytime soon. As the demolition of houses continue, the mud and rubble  mixed with rain water has created a crazy cocktail. Pedestrians, in particular have been the worst victims. It is impossible to walk about without stepping in a big load of slush or being splashed by one! Being a monsoon lover, I love the sight of rainfall but when it comes to taking a stroll, it’s a big No No for now!

No cats and Dogs

Someway or the other  I end up comparing Kathmandu and Delhi in many of my columns. Well, this time its about the rain. As I mentioned earlier, I am quite a monsoon person. I love the rain. But once you’re in Delhi, rain turns out to be more of a terror than something calming or romantic. When it rains in the Indian capital, it literally rains cats and dogs. Sometimes, the streets are filled with  waist length water and you end up being stuck in huge traffic snarls. Kathmandu’s rain on the other hand is something I enjoy. The weather especially after the rainfall has the power to soothe you no matter what. There is no cats and dogs here!

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