In response to the growing demand for dental services, Dr.Amit Khanal, PhD, BDS, has come up with a one-stopmodern solution

June 23, 2016, 5:45 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: Vol:09,No. 23, June 24,2016 (Ashad10,2073)

A beautiful, authentic smile is an involuntary form of self expression. Universal in its message, a smile can communicate joy, excitement, and caring, all without any language.But oral health ailments often play the spoilsport.

As the number of patients suffering from oral health ailments is generally rising, the demand for quality dental clinics, with specialist’s expertise grows naturally. To meet that growing demand, Dr.Amit Khanal has been running Dantakali Health Foundation and Dental Clinic, where latest technology and expertise are available for patients needingall types of dental treatment.

Any dental pain needs immediate care and treatment. Dantakali Dental Clinic responds to that need by providing all state of the art facilities, including dental x-rays, teeth restorations (fillings), oral prophylaxis (scalings), root canal treatments, teeth replacement with crowns/ bridges and wisdom tooth extraction surgeries from one place. The clinic provides care and treatment necessary to secure and maintain the oral health, i.e.; the health of mouth, teeth and gums.

Realizing the importance of technology in disease diagnosis, Dantakali Health Foundation Dental Clinic not only provides fine-grained digital X-ray service but, at the same time offers the most modern OPG X-ray service for those who may need it.

With his PhD degree from the Japanese University, Dr. Khanal, who can speak Japanese language and has experience of treating Japanese people, is striving to give the best in dental services for Nepalese patients as well.

The only downside is that although all facilities are available at the clinic for dental ailments, sometimes the cost of the services can go beyond the access of the poor people. For the needy and underpriviledged group, Dr. Khanal has been providing services through the Well-being Nepal, an NGO which conducts free dental camps along with oral health promotion activities in some villages and schools of Lalitpur district.

Dr. Khanal received his Bachelor of Dental Surgery from de’Montmorency College of Dentistry,Punjab University, Lahore, in 2000; received PhD in Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery from Kyushu Dental University, Japan in 2008. After completing his doctorate, Dr. Khanal returned to Nepal and worked at the College of Medical Sciences, Chitwan as a clinician/academician between 2010 and 2014.Since April 2014, Dr. Khanal has been working as a part time oral and maxillofacial consultant surgeon at Grande International Hospital, Kathmandu. 

From a dentist’s perspective, the essence of smiles is in their anatomy as well as cosmetic artistry. This is what Dr. Khanal believes he can provide to his patients.Accordingly, Dr. Khanal provides a treatment plan which sets out any dental treatment you need.

Once service seekers are registered with the clinic, they can get all the care, advice and treatment they need to keep their mouth, teeth and gums healthy. The clinic also provides treatment for teeth whitening and dental implants.

One of the added benefits of the clinic is that it is situated at the heart of the city with parking slots available for the service users.

For details contact: Dantakali Health Foundation Dental Clinic, BhupiSadak, Naxal, opposite to the main gate of Nepal Police Headquaters.Telephone number 441-4290, 9860800492, 9813173155, Email:clindentdantakali@gmail.com

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