Parties Stops Elections Campaign With Silent Period Begins

Parties Stops Elections Campaign With Silent Period Begins

Dec. 5, 2017, 8:12 a.m.

The silent period for the second phase parliamentary and provincial assembly elections begin from midnight Monday, barring political parties and poll candidates from electioneering any further.

As part of the normalization of the heated electioneering atmosphere to let voters decide their choice of candidates, the Election Commission (EC) is enforcing a silent period before the voting begins.

According to a news report of My Republica, under the election code, political parties, candidates and other stakeholders must shun the use of election symbols and publicity materials should not be put up within a radius of 300 meters from polling centers once the silent period starts. Similarly, everyone must comply with the election code during the silent period and not use materials such as clothing, caps, stickers, logos, bags, towels and tattoos which carry election symbols.

Similarly, the use of social networking sites and electronic media for wooing voters is strictly forbidden. The EC has warned of action against those who violate the code. If any candidate or party acts in breach of the silent period, the EC can impose a fine of Rs 100,000 in cash along with cancellation of the candidacy of the candidate concerned.

After having conducted the first round of elections, the EC is conducting the final round polls in 45 districts on Thursday.  Out of the total of 165 members of parliament and 330 members of the provincial assemblies being elected under the First-Past-The-Post system, these polls will elect 128 member of parliament and 256 provincial assembly members.

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