PM Oli Urges Indian Businessmen To Invest In Nepal

PM Oli Urges Indian Businessmen To Invest In Nepal

April 6, 2018, 3:45 p.m.

Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli said that Indian investors have invested across the globe so why not to go to the next door Nepal? “Geographical proximity, easy access, cultural similarities are all there to make you feel good about Nepal,” said Prime Minister Oli in his closing remarks  at Business Interactive Roundtable in New Delhi.

“I have carefully listened to you. Very important suggestions and comments have come from the floor. It has been really encouraging to get such valuable feedbacks.

He said that Nepal’s political transformation has been truly historic. “We have institutionalized our political gains through a new constitution.  Our next objective is economic transformation.  Our Motto is: Prosperous Nepal and Happy Nepalis,” said PM Oli.

“We aspire to be middle income country by 2030 and graduate from LDC status at an early date.  We have a strong government at the centre that enjoys majority of three-fourth membership of the lower house. Stable Government means stability and continuity in policy regime,” said PM Oli.

Prime minister Oli said that the following the formation of the strong government, law and order situation has improved. This means Nepal is now safe for foreign investment. Any attempts to disturb law and order situation will be firmly dealt with.

We need massive investment in every sector. Nepal is considered a virgin land as far as investment is concerned. Investment in any sector is highly profitable. There is no competition for investment.

He said that Nepal is laying between the two vibrant economic powers of the world, India and China, that assure you of a promising market of over 2.5 billion populations. We enjoy duty free quota free market access in our neighborhood. In addition, we enjoy duty free access to European market and preferential market into the USA for over 70 products as an LDC.

 “IBN is facilitating the big Indian investments in Arun-3 and Upper Karnali.  We were able to receive a pledge of 14 billion dollars in Investment Summit organized in Kathmandu last year,” said PM Oli.

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