271 Climbers Reach Top Of Mt. Everest, One American Climber Reportedly Dies

271 Climbers Reach Top Of Mt. Everest, One American Climber Reportedly Dies

May 19, 2018, 8:15 a.m.

Four American climbers — Daniel Stringham, David Snow, Fabbro Fabian Anthony and Thomos Franklin — climbed Mt Everest along with Temba Bhote, Dawa Finjo Sherpa, Gyaljen Sherpa and Denduk Bhote, according to Thaneswar Guragai, an official at Seven Summit Treks.

Climbing The Seven Summits team posted that all CTSS members scaled the world’s highest mountain this morning. The team was guided by Michael Hamil of CTTS and Tendi Sherpa of TAG Nepal.

Likewise, according to Rishi Bhandari, Managing Director at Satori Adventure Treks and Expedition, at least four members along with six climbing Sherpas scaled Mt Everest this morning. “Nakayama Takeshi, Jhingan Sauraj, Dimri Vikas Shambhu Prasad and Patham Samir Nicholas climbed the mountain,” he said. “Lakpa Tasi Sherpa, Dawa Temba Sherpa, Bibek Pandey, Pemba Tashi Sherpa, Tendi Lama and Lhakpa Tenji Sherpa accompanied the climbers to the summit point.”

According to a report, more than 271 mountaineers have already climbed the Mt. Everest Till Friday.

A few climbers also scaled Mt Lhotse, the world’s fourth highest mountain, according to the expedition organisers. Oxana Morneva has become the first Russian woman to climb Mt Lhotse, a base camp official said. Anders Erik Karl Bergvall from Sweden along with Vinayak Jay Malla climbed Mt Lhotse this morning, Guragai reported.

A Russian Climber Dies in Dhaulagiri

A Russian climber died of altitude sickness on Mt Lhotse yesterday, according a government official.

Gyanendra Shrestha, liaison officer at the Ministry of Culture Tourism and Civil Aviation, confirmed that Rustem Amirov breathed his last at Camp II of the world’s fourth highest peak.

 Meanwhile, Spanish climber Carlos Soria Fontán (79) has reportedly abandoned his bid on Mt Dhaulagiri due to high winds.

An American Climber Dies

An American climber was killed while trying to climb Mt Everest on Sunday morning, according to the base camp officials. The cause of the climber’s death is yet to be revealed.

Murari Sharma, Managing Director at Everest Parivar Treks said that he also got a message from the group’s base camp manager about the death of a climber near balcony on Mt Everest early this morning. “Details are yet to be known,” he said. Climbers often consider ‘balcony area’ as the death zone.

According to sources, the climber was a part of a 15-member expedition handled by Dan Mazur’s Summit Climb and locally managed by Everest Parivar Treks.

This is the third death of climbers on Mt Everest this season. Octogenarian mountaineer Min Bahadur Sherchan died at the base camp of Mt Everest on May 6 while famed Swiss climber Ueli Steck had lost his life in an accident in the Mt Everest region on April 30.

Israeli Climber Evacuated From Mt Kanchenjunga

An Israeli climber has been evacuated from the world’s third highest mountain this afternoon.

Mingma Sherpa, Company Director at Seven Summit Treks informed, Nadav Ben Yehuda (30) has been airlifted from 6,600 m on Mt Kanchenjunga after he suffered severe frostbite on his legs.

“The climber is undergoing treatment at CIWEC Hospital in Kathmandu,” he said, adding that there were no summits today.

According to Chris Jensen Burke, she along with other climbers stood atop Mt Kanchenjunga at around 6:45 pm. Pemba Geljen Sherpa and Lakpa Sherpa of Expedition Base had also reached the summit along with Russian climber Sergey Baranov and German climber Herbert Hellmuth, according to the Department of Tourism.

DoT director Ram Prasad Sapkota said that at least 44 climbers of five expedition teams obtained permit to attempt to climb Mt Kanchenjunga this season reports The Himalayan Times.

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