If Fast-Unto-Death Is Solution Of Everything, Why Does There Need A Parliament : PM Oli

If Fast-Unto-Death Is Solution Of Everything, Why Does There Need A Parliament : PM Oli

July 20, 2018, 7:35 a.m.

Prime Minister K.P. Sharma Oli asked question to Dr.Govinda K.C that If fast-unto-death is solution of everything, why does one need parliament?

Addressing 19th General Council meeting of Pokhara University, Prime minister Oli urged Dr.K.C. to give up his delusion that fasting can solve every problems and believe in the process.

Prime minister Oli also said that Dr. K.C is playing with his life for the sake of political gain. Prime Minister Oli also said that there is no one above the law and constitution. Pointing to the agitation of Nepali Congress, Prime minister Oli said that this is the time for development and prosperity reports Deshsanchar.

My Demands Are More Precious Than My Own Pain and Suffering: Dr. KC

Nepal’s senior orthopaedic surgeon Dr Govinda KC who was flown by Nepal Army personnel to Kathmandu from Jumla, said that his demands are more precious than his physical suffering till now.

Speaking to Deshsanchar online from his bed, Dr.KC said the demands raised by him are more important and precious for quality health service in the country than his own pain and physical suffering. Prominent actor Manisha Koirala also went to hospital to see him.

Following landing at the hospital, Dr. KC issued a press release. In his press release Dr.K.C said, “The government is simply trying to shirk responsibility by forming a talks team, which has not been given any authority to take decisions. This proves that the government is not serious about addressing our demands.”

The release also stated that until the government created an environment conducive to talks, there was no point in holding any dialogue. “We demand that the government withdraw the National Medical Education Bill registered at the Parliament Secretariat and form a talks team with full mandate to take decisions. Only then will we sit for talks,” it added.


Dr Mukti Ram Shrestha, president of National Medical Association and a representative of Dr KC said that the government talks team had ‘sought a letter acknowledging the team members as representatives of Dr KC.

According to the Himalayan Times, Dr Shrestha had also said that no ‘official talks’ were held with the government team. The Cabinet on Monday had formed a three-member committee led by Secretary at the Ministry of Education, Science and Technology Khaga Raj Baral to hold talks with Dr KC.

Secretary Baral had also said that they did not receive any official letter from the government to hold talks with Dr KC, although the two sides have held informal talks.

Meanwhile, a press release issued by National Medical Association today said that the talk team formed by the government was not given full mandate to take decisions. It said the talks team was only focused on bringing Dr KC to Kathmandu. The NMA has announced closure of all services, except emergency, in hospitals across the country tomorrow.

Dr Govinda KC, who has been on a fast-unto-death in Jumla since June 30, has said that there is no point in holding talks with the government team that is not mandated to take any decision.

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