UN System In Nepal Commemorate 73 UN Day In Nepal

UN System In Nepal Commemorate 73 UN Day In Nepal

Oct. 26, 2018, 3:34 p.m.

The United Nations System in Nepal organized a function to commemorate the 73th Anniversary of the United Nations. The drone raised the UN Flag and acting resident coordinator of UN highlighted the importance of the day.

The open house programs include UNESCO Quiz, Mural Painting My Dream 2030. Various UN Agencies working in Nepal also displayed their activities through the stalls.


Attended by UN Staffs, government officials and large number of school children from various schools, there were unique displayed of achievement and progress of various UN Agencies.

The United Nations Nepal celebrated the 73rd UN anniversary at its premises in the UN House on Friday, 26 October 2018 by organizing an Open House Day with the theme “Innovation for Sustainable Development”.

19 UN agencies together with more than a dozen partner organizations showcased an array of activities these included demonstrations of digital banking, the Khulduli app. promoting sexual and reproductive health and rights of adolescents in Nepal, a nutritional app focused on helping solve the malnutrition problem in Nepal providing the services to their users as per their needs and the MIG app which helps migrants make informed decisions throughout their migration process and allows migrants to share their experiences, tell their story and upload pictures that are shared among other MIG app users.

Speaking at the ceremony, the Resident Coordinator a.i. Ms Wenny Kusuma said “We have chosen innovation as a theme to showcase how the United Nations in Nepal is adopting innovation and using it to support Nepal in achieving the sustainable development.” “With the federalization and development process taking shape rapidly in Nepal, there is a great potential for technology and innovation and it’s crucial for the UN to encourage the adoption of these technologies and innovation, to further alleviate gender inequalities and ensure no one is left behind.” Kusuma added.

Nepal became a member of the UN in 1951. The United Nations became operational in Nepal over half a century ago, when the Food and Agriculture Organization opened its office in 1951. The UN Country Team works closely with the Government and other development partners to assist Nepal in achieving national and internationally agreed goals, including the Sustainable Development Goals.

According to a press release issued by UN Resident coordinator, the UN works hard to ensure alignment and harmonization between its activities and that of the Government of Nepal. The United Nations Country Team is here to support the Government in its ambition to create a ‘prosperous, peaceful and just Nepal’. With its wide array of capabilities and expertise, the 19-member-UN Country Team collectively responds, through the UN Development Assistance Framework (UNDAF), to Nepal’s evolving transition needs.

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