Pulchwok Engineering Campus To Organize LOCUS 2019

Computer, Electronics and Electrical Departments of Pulchwok Engineering Campus To Organize LOCUS 2019

Nov. 26, 2018, 4:10 p.m.

The students of Department of Computer, Electronics and Electrical, Pulchowk Campus is going to organize LOCUS 2019. Under this, various programs, seminar and exhibitions on the theme ‘Rural Development using ICT’ will be organised.

According to Anish Bhusal, Media Coordinator, established 16 years ago, this organization has left positive impacts in the nation through its activities. From hardware to software training and competitive programs, LOCUS has been doing its best for intellectual upliftment.

LOCUS-2019 will be providing a stage for young talents to showcase their projects for national development. LOCUS will leave no stone unturned to take our country to the next level, “ said a press release issued by Bhusal.

Under LOCUS, following events are going to be organized this year. They include software fellowship, Hardware fellowship, Children in technology, Code Jam, Code Camp, Hack-a-week,Tech debates, Quiz, Energy Hackathon, Deep learning workshop.

Similarly, Walkathon, Photography Challenge, Design Competition, Blogging competition, Online coding/online quiz Events during exhibition , Robolocus, Robowartz, Dronacharya and Project Competition will also be organized.

LOCUS 2019 aims to be the platform for these youths to showcase their talent. With the rapid pace of development for new Nepal, the knowledge and skills of students who play important role in such activities is very crucial. Like every year,

Every year LOCUS has been organizing programs to meet the expectations of students and common people, and will continue to do so in the days to come. This year LOCUS has taken the lead to showcase how usage of technology in alternative energy, education and health, agriculture industries and employment can play vital role in rural development.

“After the Federal elections, the door of development has now reached to the local level. Shadowed from the development in the past, the rural areas are now using their own resources and tools to change the fate of their locality. New innovative ideas are required to create new Nepal, and thus it requires youths with understanding of technical knowledge and skills.

Gaming Competition LOCUS-2019 requests all students to contribute in overall national development under the theme ‘Rural Development using ICT’. “We expect support and participations from all engineering colleges, hardware & software companies and concerned authorities through this report,” said Bhusal.

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