Japan To Provide Assistance For The Rehabilitation Of A School And School Building in Sindhupalchowk

Japan To Provide Assistance for the Rehabilitation of a School and School Building in Sindhupalchowk

Nov. 28, 2018, 12:54 p.m.

Ambassador of Japan to Nepal Masamichi Saigo and Koji Matsuura, Deputy Executive Director, Child Fund Japan, signed and exchanged a grant contract at the Embassy of Japan, Panipokhari.

Under this agreement, the Government of Japan is extending financial assistance of US dollars 431,181, equivalent to approximately 49 million Nepali rupees, to Child Fund Japan under the Grant Assistance for Japanese NGO Projects Scheme.

Child Fund Japan, an international NGO based in Japan, will work with a Nepali partner NGO, Tuki Sunkoshi Association (Tuki), to implement the “Rehabilitation of a School and Building School Resilience to Disaster in Sindhupalchowk” project.

This grant will be used to implement a project in Sunkoshi Municipality in Sindhupalchowk, which is aimed to develop school resilience against natural disasters.

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Close coordination with the local government, stakeholders and the local community people, the project will be implemented for the rehabilitation of Janajagriti Secondary School and to uild a school building with six rooms based on the Nepal Government School Building Policy, including earthquake-proof precautions.

The assistance will also help to set up water fountains accompanied with filter-attached server.

The project will also carry out capacity building of the School Management Committee, support the School Disaster Risk Reduction/Prevention Plan based on child rights, raise awareness of child protection in an emergency and support emergency training under their School Disaster Risk Reduction/ Prevention Plan.

“The Embassy of Japan in Nepal expects that the success of this project will develop communities’ capacity for disaster preparedness and create a safe environment for schoolchildren. We hope that this project will enhance the cordial friendship between the peoples of Japan and Nepal,” said a press release issued by Embassy of Japan.

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