Spanish Dance Group Performs In Kathmandu

Spanish Dance Group Performs In Kathmandu

Dec. 23, 2018, 4:14 p.m.

A dance group from Spain performed classic Spanish dance performance recently in Kathmandu. Performed by the dancers from the company Iberica de Danza, a Spanish dance performance by Manuel Segovia, Violeta Ruiz del Valle and troupe from Spain.

Ibérica de Danza, which was created in 1993 by Manuel Segovia and Violeta Ruiz del Valle, the group has displayed group, duet and single classic and modern dances.

With so many varieties, the group distinguishes itself through its research, defense, and recreation of the extensive and rich Spanish heritage.

Organized by Honorary Consul of Spain to Nepal, Spanish Dance show attracted large numbers of dance lovers; Kathmandu based foreign diplomats and people from different walks of life.


Opening the program, Ambica Shrestha, Hon. Consul of Spain to Nepal, welcomed the guest to watch the classical and modern Spanish Dance at the heart of Kathmandu. She said that the exchange of culture program like dance and music will help to share each others culture.

In two hours long program, Spanish Dancers Jaime Puente Exposito, Alberto Quejido Martin, Ms. Maria Violeta Ruiz Del Valle, Raquel Ruiz Del Valle, Ms. Nuria Tena Lopez, Ms. Emmanuel Berruezo Chaves and Mrs. Lucia Marinez Sainero played their dance in solo, duet and in group at Russian Center for Science and Culture.


They displayed neo-folk, stylized dance, the bolero school, historical dance and other. Along with Nepal, the trooper presented in forty different countries receiving absolute success from both audience and critics alike.

Previous international tours also in Africa: Angola, Congo and Ethiopia with IBERDANZA and Russia CARMEN VS CARMEN, 4 functions followed in Kazan running out locations and Hispanic Heritage Day in Villebon sur Ivette, Paris.



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