A Narration Of A Doctor

Renowned pediatrician Dr. Manindra Ranjan Baral narrates the state of the country, family relations and his connection and contract as a doctor

Jan. 26, 2019, 8:51 p.m. Published in Magazine Issue: VOL 12 No.12, January 25, 2019 (Magh. 11 2075) Online Register Number: DOI 584/074-75

Being a doctor in 1970s was a matter of prestige, credibility, respect, connections, influence and access, what not. Besides, doctors used to have connections and relations reaching into Royalty and to people in power and its corridors, rich and poor. There was name as well as fame.

This is what one can see in the narration of pediatrician Dr. Manindara Ranjan Baral’s recently released book Niyati ra Anubhuti (Fate and Impression). Although Dr. Baral is a medical doctor, he is fully into literature as Nepal’s renowned linguist and litterateur late Dr. Ishwar Baral was his elder brother.

Born in Siraha district, Dr. Baral, recounts Siraha of 1950s, state of education, health and his own surrounding and place of birth, Bastipur, in his book. The book is about the life and his own experience but it is like a fiction. Once one starts reading, Dr. Baral’s book draws the reader completely into it. One can read the book in one sitting.

Starting from the story of his own birth place, its surroundings and the political significance of the place, Dr. Baral describes the details about his study, meetings, relations and professional service.

Showing his honesty, Dr. Baral relates all his connections and meetings with different people. He seems to be very much aware not to hurt anybody from his writing.


Niyati Ra Anubhuti (Autobiography)

By Dr. Manindra Ranjan Baral

Edited by Bimal Bhaukazi

Published By Kul Chandra Gautam Memorial Trust

Main distributor: Educational Book Enterprise

Price: Rs.1000.00 (US$20)

As a renowned pedestrian, Dr. Baral visited homes of the top people to treat their children, including Royal Palace. He mentions one very interesting event of Royal Palace, treating late Princes Shruti and her mother late Queen Aishwarya.

Dr. Baral mentions his colleagues on several occasions in the period of consultation. He talks about his connections with even the Marwari business community.

Although the book is about his own story of family, his surroundings, village, school, college, his relatives, it describes entire social structure of that period and state of the health sector. The book also helps us understand Panchayat period and power equations as well as the power structures of post democratic regime.

Along with relating to the past days, Dr. Baral has also portrayed the current state of Nepal, including populist Minister Lal Babu Pandit’s bicycle drive in the capital where the government did not spare any space for bicycle lane.

Dr. Baral, in his way, describes the social, cultural, political issues of contemporary Nepal while he also covers his recent visits to different parts of India and temples.

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