PM Oli And CK Raut Sign 11 Point Agreement

Highlights Of Eleven Points Agreement Signed Between PM Oli And CK Raut

March 9, 2019, 12:51 p.m.

After signing eleven point agreements, Coordinator of Alliance for Independent Madhes CK Raut withdraw its demand for separate state. Coordinator of the Alliance for Independent Madhes Chandra Kant Raut, who led a separatist movement for years, has renounced his demand for a separate Madhes by entering into an 11-point agreement with the government. Bhim Rawal in his tweet Bhim Rawal

The ‘free Madhes’ campaigner signed the pact with Home Minister Ram Bahadur Thapa acknowledging Nepal as a free and sovereign nation which cannot be divided and promised to completely halt dissemination of secessionist information. Prime Minister KP Sharma Oli was also present on the occasion. Former prime minister Dr. Baburam Bhattarai in his tweet Dr. Baburam Bhattarai

Eleven Points Agreement

  1. CK Raut and his party, Alliance for Independent Madhes, will respect the sovereignty and territorial integrity of the country
  2. They will follow democratic means to address dissatisfactions of people, including those of Tarai-Madhes
  3. They have agreed to settle all differences through democratic means
  4. They expressed their commitment to ensure autonomy and equality
  5. The government agreed to withdraw all cases slapped against AIM cadres and all AIM cadres and leaders will be released from jail/custody without any condition
  6. AIM leaders will not be prosecuted for publicity materials produced in the past, but it was agreed the party wouldn’t publish any such material in future
  7. AIM cadres and leaders can enjoy all rights guaranteed by the constitution, including the right to open political parties
  8. The family of Ram Manohar Yadav, AIM cadre who died in jail, will be provided with adequate compensation and one member of the family will be provided with a government job
  9. Government will provide treatment to all AIM cadres who were injured during the movement
  10. The government agreed to treat AIM as a democratic political force
  11. The agreement came into force on FridayWhat are in Eleven Points Agreement

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