Ambassador Acharya Seeks Broad Based Nepal-India Relation

Ambassador Acharya Seeks Broad Based Nepal-India Relation

March 27, 2019, 8:42 a.m.

Ambassador of Nepal in India Nilambar Acharya sought still more closer economic, social and cultural engagements with India, emphasizing that both countries though close the two have been need to widen and broad base the canvas of their relationship.

Addressing members of the PHD Chamber of Commerce and Industry and the concerned stakeholders of India-Nepal relations under the banner of India Nepal Centre here today, the Ambassador also clarified pointing out that Nepal and China may be getting closer for mutual economic and trade gains but the emerging relationship between the two is not at all at the cost of India.


According to him, India and Nepal have been closer for ages and even common inheritor of similar and identical civilization and therefore, both the nations should make continuous efforts to further broaden the scope of their relationship for mutual gains and comforts.

Acharya identified areas such as hydro, tourism, roads and highways, and other similar industries for mutual cooperation as Nepal direly needs Indian investments in these areas for its economic uplift.

The Ambassador invited India Inc to take part in Nepal India Investment Summit – two days event slated to be held at Khatmandu on 29 and 30 of this month and make commitments to rebuild Nepal with its surpluses as the country is now constitutionally democratic republic and committed to protect overseas investments with fairly higher returns.

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In his welcome remarks Immediate Former President, PHDCCI, Anil Khaitan hoped that with the establishment of INC, the trade facilitations between India and Nepal would grow as intended and flourish with desired objectives.

Among others who also present on the occasion were K V Rajan, former Ambassador of India to Nepal and Chairman, India-Nepal Centre, PHDCCI; Sandeep Marwah, CEO, Marwah Studio and MC Member, PHDCCI; Ajay Poddar, Chairman, ASEAN Committee, East Asia & Oceania Committee, PHDCCI; Atul K Thakur, Coordinator, India-Nepal Centre, PHDCCI; Mallika Shakya, South Asian University; M P Bezbaruah, Former Secretary, Government of India Bharat Kumar Regmi, Deputy Chief of Mission, Embassy of Nepal in India; Krishna Hari Pushkar, Minister (Economic), Embassy of Nepal in India; Dev Doot Dhakal, Third Secretary, Embassy of Nepal in India.

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