German Embassy Kathmandu To Organize German Energiewende

German Embassy Kathmandu To Organize German Energiewende

April 8, 2019, 8:26 p.m.

German Embassy In Kathmandu is organizing a 16-day exhibition titled “The German Emergiewende: Transforming Germany’s energy system.” The exhibition takes place inside the premises of Information and Communication Technology Center, Pulchwok Camus, Lalitpur from 12-26 April 2019.

The world is moving in the direction of clean and renewable energy sources. Germany is leading the movement with an objective of achieving carbon neutrality in 2050. Nepal too has potential in generation of renewable energy through tapping in to various sources like hydro-power and solar energy, but also working toward energy efficiency, among few.

Ambassador of Federal Republic of Germany Roland Schäfer interacted with media today at German Embassy regarding

The energy exhibition illustrates the German economy’s transformation towards energy sources. What is the energy transition, what milestones have been achieved and what challenges remain? It should also be an occasion to discuss challenges, we share and show appreciation for the efforts of the government of Nepal to crate conducive environment towards climate friendly energy in the country.

The interactive travelling exhibition has already toured more than 80 locations in about 30+countries and has been seen overwhelming across the world. It is expected to be visited by students from schools and campuses, professionals working in renewable energy sector, policy makers and academics as well as anyone who interest in latest development in renewable energy. The exhibition will be open to all free cost.

The exhibition is accompanied by a photo story about 60 years of friendship between Nepali and German citizens. The inspiring portraits of volunteer and business owners are a great way to experience intercultural exchange and tell the story of close friendship.

Germany through GIZ is supporting Alternative Energy Promotion Center (AEPC) in promotion and development of renewable energy technologies in various municipalities and rural municipalities. The energy exhibition can be helpful in generating interest and sharing of the innovative project ideas suitable for Nepal among students and academics.

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