KOICA Supports Hygiene Kit And Sports Materials To Deaf Children

KOICA Supports Hygiene Kit And Sports Materials To Deaf Children worth around NPR 284,000.00

June 25, 2019, 11:13 a.m.

To memorize International Children’s Day, KOICA, KAAN and KOICA volunteers organized a joint voluntary program to support the students of Central Higher Secondary School for Deaf, Naksal

According to a press release issued by KOICA. the main objective of the program was to celebrate international children’s day together by supporting hygiene KIT (for dental hygiene) as well as providing sports materials to the school in order to enhance the extracurricular activities of the school.

Established in 1966 in a room in a local hospital by an ENT doctor,Central Higher Secondary School for Deaf is the first deaf school established in Nepal.

Now it is running it’s program up to bachelors level. The total number of student under High School is 371. Although it has been established since long ago but it hasn’t been receiving the proper support from the organizations yet.

KOICA-KAAN chose this deaf school to support hygiene kit as well as other sports materials (indoor and outdoor games) worth around NPR 284,000.00 on the special event where KOICA Nurse volunteers demonstrated on dental hygiene and also organized a special fun games with the student and KOICA Alumni members. The teachers of the school were also provided with the dental hygiene training and it is expected that the teachers will continue this training throughout this week to train all the student of the school from preschool to Grade 12.

Sunghoon Ko, Country Director of KOICA Nepal office presented his remarks highlighting the importance of International Children’s Day. Likewise, KONAN and KAAN also shared their views. There was an intensive participation of around 400 people. KOICA volunteers were also actively engaged to support in sports activity to entertain the students.

KAAN is a voluntary association formed by the alumni’s of KOICA Fellowship Program. Every year KOICA sends around 100 government officials to Korea in short as well as long term fellowship/scholarship programs. After the completion of program these fellows join KAAN and organize or participate in different voluntary and knowledge sharing activities throughout the year.





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