NCP Central Secretariat Hands Over All Power To Prachanda

NCP Central Secretariat Hands Over All Power To Prachanda

Aug. 22, 2019, 12:20 p.m.

Nepal Communist Party Central Secretariat Meeting has made Pushpa Kamal Dahal all powerful executive chair in absence of co-chair and prime minister K.P. Sharma Oli who is leaving Singapore for treatment today.

This is for the first time Pushpa Kamal Dahal Prachanda is made all powerful executive chair following the party unification.

In a matter of ten days, PM Oli is leaving to Singapore for the treatment. This decision was take two hours before his departure at central secretariat meeting. After development of new equation between two chairs Dahal and Oli, Prime Minsiter Oli transferred all executive power to Dahal.

Chairperson Dahal now can take decision to complete the unification process even in absence of Prime Minister and Co-chair Oli. Previously, PM Oli used to go outside the country without delegating such authority.

After a recent understanding, Oli and Prachanda's group merge each other isolating former Prime Minister Madhav Kumar Nepal. Just a few days ago, Nepal was demoted to third rank promoting Jhalnath Khanal to third. This decision also showed that Prachanda became more powerful in the unified party.

NCP senior leader Nepal submitted his seven-point note of dissent on decisions at central secretariat meeting, which, among others, demoted him in the party.

Nepal has been furious with the party leadership ever since he was relegated to fourth position in the party’s hierarchy, behind another senior party leader, Jhalanath Khanal. Earlier, Nepal used to rank third in the NCP’s sequence of authority.

Now it is Nepal who has been marginalised in the party. “Creation of various factions within the party has hit NCP’s unification process,” Nepal has written in his dissent note.

When two party co-chairs, PM Oli and Dahal, had made the merger announcement in May 2018, they had expressed commitment to wrap up the unification process within three months. But the process has not been completed till date.

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