Korean Peninsula Has Been Changing For Peace And Betterment

The Republic Of Korea has been pursuing Unification Of Korean Peninsula Thorough Peaceful Negotiations

Sept. 27, 2019, 2:34 p.m.

Ambassador of Republic Korea to Nepal Park Young-Sik said that Korea's democratization process has gone through a long experiences. Addressing a seminar on Changing Scenario in Korean Peninsula and its impact on North-East, ambassador Park Young-Sik highlighted the the events of Korea from colonized and unified Korea to divided Korea Peninsula.

He narrated how Republic of Korea has achieved economic progress from low income income country to now a 10th largest economy in the world over the period and successful practice of democracy.

Organized by The Embassy of the Republic of Korea and Korea Universities Alumni Association in Nepal (KUAAN), four papers were presented in the program by different scholars.

Sanjeev Humagain (PhD), Semaul Coordinator, Nepal presented his paper on liberal transition in North East Asia and Korean Peninsula's Peace Building Process. In his paper, he highlighted the possibility of peace in Korean Peninsula through economic development of Republic of Korea. Professor Dr. Janardan Lammichhane and Prakash Ghimire commented on the paper.


In his paper, Reunification of the Korean Peninsula, Shiva Prasad Pokharel, Researcher, Embassy of the Republic of Korea, elaborated the entire peace process of Korean Peninsula highlighting the efforts of Republic of Korea particularly the President Moon Jae-in since his election as a president since 2017. He said that North Korea is yet to show strong willingness for unification and peace despite the moves of President Moon and U.S. President Donald Trump.

He said that majority of people in Republic of Korea stand for the unification arguing the whole process will depend upon behavior of North Korea. Professor Dr. Ganga Bahadur Thapa said that nothing is impossible in politics arguing that Korean unification will be reality one day. He said that economic development and prosperity of Republic of Korea and its willingness to share its development with northern brethren is reason for the unification.

Journalist Keshab Poudel presented his paper on Globally Isolated North Korea. He said that North Korea is now in complete isolation following the strict UN Resolutions. He said that Nepal is also implementing the UN Security Council Resolution expelling North Korean Businessmen and denying the visa upon arrival to North Korean visitors.

Professor Dr. Manish Pokharel and Samrat Baral commented on the paper saying that North Korea need to accept the peace to end its isolation. Dr. Mahendra Bhatt, president of KUAAN presented the role of KUAAN and Korean graduates in Nepal.

Delivering vote of thanks, Kwon Sun Chil, minister counselor, highlighted how Republic of Korean has been supporting Nepal in various sectors.




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