Israeli Trained Dipendra Karki Receives Krishi Tara Award

Krishi Tara Award" to Agriculture Hero of Nepal, trained in Israel

Nov. 29, 2019, 5:58 p.m.

Dr. Yubak Dhoj GC, Secretary of the Ministry of Agriculture and Livestock Development, has provided Krishi Tara Award to Dipendra Karki from Surkhet with winner certificate and cash of Rs. 500,000.00 amid a function to honor Agriculture Hero of Nepal trained in Israel.

Karki was adjudged “Krishi Tara” by the selection committee on the basis of his innovation, technologies, skills, impact, and sustainability. Secretary Dr. GC also honored other top nine nominees with Felicitation Certificate.

The Embassy of Israel together with the Avsar Foundation, an NGO initiated by Khetan Family, has organized the “Krishi Tara Award Ceremony”, the 1st Annual National Level Award, on 28 November 2019.

The first of its kind award is conducted to honor deserving Nepali farmers/agri-entrepreneurs who have been purposefully contributing to agriculture through the use of innovations, technologies and skills learned in Israel after returning from Learn and Earn (L&E) Program.

The Embassy of Israel in cooperation with Small Farmer Development Microfinance Financial Institute Limited started this year-long advanced agricultural training program in 2013.

Since 2013, around 2700 Nepali youths, associated with the aforementioned institute have already participated and 540 students are partaking in the same program this year.

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Aiming to encourage local farmers to continue their profession in agriculture by recognizing and rewarding their hard work and passion for agriculture, the application was open to the L&E returnees.

Among many applications received, the 10 best youth farmers were selected. At the event, the agro products of the nominated farmers were kept on display. The video clips about their farms were also screened during the program.

Congratulating the winner for his outstanding contribution and achievements, Dr. GC appreciated all other farmers for being nominated for the award. Secretary Dr. GC expressed his commitment to onboard many youth farmers into the program, to host them upon their return from Israel and to support them with the programs like agriculture subsidy and other measures.

Remembering his Israel visit attending MASHAV Course in 1999, he said that Israel has been contributing to Agriculture, through not only the Learn and Earn Program but also through MASHAV Courses in which professionals are participating in Agriculture related courses in Israel.

He concluded his remarks wishing happiness and gratitude for organizing this important event and further wishes to give continuity to these kinds of initiations in the future as well.

Acknowledging the contribution of the farmers to the agriculture prosperity, Benny Omer, Ambassador of Israel to Nepal said, “I really appreciate all the farmers who were stimulated by the knowledge, skills, and experience they gained from Israel and have started implementing their knowhow here in Nepal with the significant amount of money they saved in Israel. This is a great contribution to the modernization of agriculture. Besides, it helps to shape their future and is an important element in the national economy too. He further said, “We should encourage more females to participate in the L&E Program and to work in the farm upon their return.”

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Speaking at the event, Dr. Anjan Shakya, Nepali Ambassador to Israel, said, “Israel has been supporting Nepal in agriculture and many other sectors. I recently visited Aravafarm in Israel and met Nepali students working on the farm. I found that most of the students are very happy, satisfied and learning effective modern agricultural practices.”

During the event, Suman Joshi, Vice Chairperson of Avsar Foundation said, “Avsar Foundation is pleased to continue supporting the economically and socially deprived community of Nepal to help them engage in income-generating activities.”

Dipendra Karki, the Owner of Karki Cow Farm, expressed his gratitude to the judges, the Embassy of Israel and the Avsar Foundation. “I feel the responsibility has doubled after this award. I will leave no stone unturned to do the best in agriculture with the finest and applicable practices of Israeli agriculture. After receiving this award, I am feeling a strong urge to do better work in the agro sector in the days to come for my community and the nation,” said Karki.

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He firmly expressed that his farm is rather purpose-driven than profit-oriented. His farm produces organic food.

The Embassy of Israel and Avsar Foundation are privileged to be a part of this celebration wherein Famers’ indispensable contribution to existence is being admired and awarded.

“We hope to continue such a program in the future as well to boost the morale of Nepalese youth farmers to continue their engagements in agriculture, cultivate more agricultural talents as agriculture remains central to the livelihood of Nepalese and economic development of Nepal,” said a press release issued by Embassy Israel in Kathmandu.

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