ActionAid International Nepal Celebrated 40th Foundation Day

ActionAid International Nepal Celebrated 40th Foundation Day

June 9, 2023, 7:46 a.m.

ActionAid International Nepal, an organization active in social justice and poverty alleviation, has completed its social accounting program on the 19th of its 40th foundation day.

ActionAid International has released a review of Nepal's 40-year journey and financial income and expenditure of 2022 during a program in Kathmandu .

ActionAid International Nepal Executive Director Sujitha Mathema welcomed the participants of the program and said that Acton Aid International Nepal has learned a lot in the 40 years since its inception. Reminding that we have been working with different concepts and approaches according to the time, context and environment, we have made our concepts and approaches timely and flexible according to the changing times and circumstances, and we are committed to social justice and poverty alleviation. He said that there is.

Arthur Lark, secretary General of the ActionAid Federation, recalled the journey that started in 1997 from UK and Kenya and said that it is a matter of pride that it has now reached 72 countries. Congratulating ActionAid for being able to present successful examples by working flexibly according to time and context, giving priority to women and youth, he wished ActionAid International Nepal all the best for its future journey.

Rajesh Hamal, an independent evaluator, has contributed to women's rights, education, livelihoods, disaster management and resilience in people's lives.

While working in these areas, ActionAid Nepal presented some examples of very good coordination with the local level, coordination with the organizations of those who are economically and socially backward, technical and genetic cooperation, coordination between citizens and related agencies. Rather than working in all sectors, he suggested to support the government and other concerned organizations by working as a model in some sector.

Scheme Singh Chhetri presented the income and expenditure statement of the organization in 2022.

Kiputlidebi Chowdhury, a resident of Paterwa Sugauligaon Palika 4, joined the Sahayegi Mahila group of Action AidInternational and said that she became independent by weaving and selling her traditional dhaki and spent that income on the education of her children.

Dumbar Kumari Karki of Laligunras Rural Municipality of Tehrathum shared her experience that Dalit and other community workers have become financially capable with the support of ActionAid International and local Dalit Awareness Center, after the implementation of equal pay for equal work.

ActionAid said that while working on poverty, poverty has increased in Nepal for a long time and requested to change the approach and work.

Likewise, ActionAid emphasized that social issues should be promoted as a campaign. Youth Advocacy Nepal said that the practice of transparency should be followed by other civil society organizations as well. Former employee Yamuna Ghale said that while the government has allocated a budget for gender-responsive budget and climate justice, ActionAid also needs to bring its stand, plan and program.

Other participants in the program requested to campaign on social issues as it was an identification campaign of ActionAid.

Manoj Bhatta, Member Secretary of Social Welfare Council, appreciated the fact that the climate justice and other campaigns carried out by ActonAid Nepal are helping to achieve the sustainable development goals, although it is a challenge to reach the target groups with limited resources, he requested non-governmental organizations to contribute by ensuring the commitment and support of the government to achieve the sustainable development goals, fifteenth national plan.

Minister of Women, Children and Senior Citizens, Surendra Raj Acharya praised the work done by ActionAid in various fields and wished good luck for the climate change and other programs that have been started now and promised to provide some support if needed.

Nirmala KC, Board Chair in ActionAid said that this journey of Action Aid is a journey of faith where there are facts and technical matters as well. Therefore, he emphasized that this trip should be transparent and accountable; assuring that ActionAid is committed to it.

ActionAid International Nepal is a member of ActionAid International Federation active in 45 different countries. ActionAid is working directly with 15 million people through its federation. ActionAid was established in 1972 and it has been working in Nepal since 1982.

It has been coordinating and cooperating with the organizations, movements and campaigns of the marginalized communities who are in poverty and exclusion and working for their justice and poverty alleviation with human rights, feminist approach.

Right now, ActionAid Nepal has been supporting the movement and campaign of women and youth through this approach.

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