The Construction Of 220 kV Substation In Bahrabise Must Be Completed Within Three Month: MD Ghising

Nepal Electricity Authority (NEA) Is Under To construct The Bahrbise substation right away.

July 30, 2023, 4:15 p.m.

There is pressure on the Nepal Electricity Authority to complete building the 220 kV substation that is being built at Bahrbise in Sindhupalchok.

The authorities is under pressure to finish building the substation to which the project will be connected after the development of the 102 megawatt Madhyabhotekoshi hydroelectric power plant in Sindhupalchowk under the supervision of Chilime Jaldyut Company has reached its final stage.

Within two months, the last stage of Madhya Kotishi's construction is anticipated to be finished. A 220 kV transmission line will connect the Madhyabhotekoshi power plant's electricity to the Bahrabise substation. The project is now working on dragging the wire from its power plant to the Bahrbise substation after constructing the transmission line's towers.

Due to the joint venture between the Chinese firms Guangxi Transmission and Substation Construction and Shenzhen Claw Electronics, which won the contract for the construction of the Bahrbise substation, performing poorly, the substation's construction has been delayed.

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The failure of the director construction experts to follow instructions from the NEA to perform better has delayed the completion of the substation building schedule.NEA has issued a warning that the builders will be responsible for paying compensation if the substation's construction is not finished and Madhya Bhotekoshi's electricity cannot be connected.

Deputy Managing Directors of the Project Management Directorate Tara Prasad Pradhan and Dalgayu Kumar Shrestha, as well as Managing Director Kulman Ghising, visited the substation building site on Saturday. The team spoke with experts in project management and construction about the difficulties they ran into during the project, the state of the equipment supply, the projected completion date, etc.

The construction company's performance has improved somewhat since last February, according to Managing Director Ghising. Managing Director Ghising announced that he would visit the substation site once a week to gather updates on the status of the building in order to hasten it by adding more personnel.

"The equipment for the substation, including the power transformer, has arrived at the construction site. There is no reason to delay the construction, and we are prepared to assist from our end. The construction must be finished within three months regardless; otherwise, Madhya Bhotekoshi may experience the painful situation of wasting electricity. He said, "Let's do it."

For the substation, the corporation has already brought equipment like power transformers, and the control center building is being built where the transformers will be. Power transformers of 160 MVA at 220-132 kV and 5 MVA at 132-11 kV will be installed in the substation. In Bahrbise, work is also underway on a second 400 kV substation.

For the time being, the authorities has created a different arrangement for Madhya Bhotesh's electrical flow. However, the development of twelve substations is required for that as well. The 22 MW Upper Knife A hydroelectric project's promoter business, Shivashree Hydropower, will quadruple the 132 kV single circuit transmission line it built.

Shivshri Hydropower is supposed to construct a line from the Lamosanghu substation to Bahrabise, although construction has not yet begun.

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Out of around 10 kilometers of lines, the company must build seven kilometers of wires, and from Bahrbise Bazar to the substation, a four-circuit (multi-circuit) transmission line must be constructed. The business has not yet begun the job, though. The corporation has been asked to begin construction right away by the authority's high-level team. The Lamosanghu substation's bays are currently being expanded by the authority.

To transmit the power generated by the hydroelectric project of the Tamakoshi and Sunkoshi rivers and their tributaries to the national transmission system, work has begun on the Tamakoshi-Kathmandu transmission line and substation.

The Asian Development Bank is providing concessional loans for the construction of transmission lines and substations.

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Currently, being built is a 44 km transmission line from the New Khimti substation in Ramechhap to Bahrbise as part of the Tamakoshi-Kathmandu 220-400 kV transmission line project. Similar projects include the 14 km 132 kV transmission line from Lapsiphedi to Changunarayan in Bhaktapur and the 46 km 400 kV double circuit from Bahrbise to Lapsiphedi in Kathmandu. Lapsiphedi's 400/220 and 132/11 kV substation construction has been hampered by neighborhood opposition.

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