The Use Of Electric Stoves Increased

The use of electric stoves increased

Aug. 9, 2023, 2:16 p.m.

For the first time, the number of import of electric stoves has drastically increased. According to annual report of Nepal Custom Department, Nepal imported 200,000 units of electric stoves reports Online news portal.

This import is over 200 percent higher compare to 2076/077. In the fiscal year 2076/77, Nepal imported merely 10435 induction stoves. However, after three financial years, the annual import of electric stoves in Nepal has exceeded 200,000 units.

In the financial year 2079/80, Nepal has imported 204 393 units of electric stoves. For this, Nepal spent 452 million rupees. The total import of electric stoves include 130745 induction stoves and 73648 infrared stoves have been imported in Nepal.

In the previous fiscal year 2078/079, 158,264 electric stoves worth 320.28 million rupees were imported into Nepal. Among them were 116 810 induction and 41454 infrared stoves.

Similarly, in the fiscal year 2077/78, it is mentioned in the customs statistics that 154,000 electric stoves worth 248.2 million rupees were imported to Nepal. In which there were 2400 infrared ovens.

Why did the business of electric stoves increase?

With the quality and uninterrupted supply of electricity, people are getting attracted to electric ovens. According to the Federation of Nepal Electricians, even if there is a gas stove in the house, every house has an electric stove as an alternative.

According to Ramesh Devkota, president of the Federation, the use of infrared ovens has become more affordable in party palaces, hotels and restaurants that need to keep food warm for a long time. "The use of electric stoves is increasing in hotels and restaurants now," said Devkota, president, "It is seen that customers are coming saying that an alternative stove is needed in their homes as well."

For the first time, quality standards for electric stoves are being developed. The business of electric ovens has increased throughout the country. Until a few years ago, the number of electric ovens imported from around 1000 per year has increased to 100,000 in recent days.

From star hotels and small restaurants to home kitchens, induction and infrared are being used as alternative stoves. Due to the increasing use of electric stoves along with cooking gas, businessmen have said that there has been excitement in its import and sale.

Annual import exceeded 200,000 Units

According to Federation, the electric stove in the market currently has been saved 3 to 500 while using electronic gas prices. However, Devkota explains due to lack of electronic tleal use due to lack of quality electricity.

Energy professor, Dr. Professor Jaganath Shrestha said that the government should encourage Nepali citizens to use the electric stove because it is cheaper than LPG and save the foreign currency. He said that the using electricity is in the interest of the country..

"To purchase a cylinder, one needs to pay Rs.1700. However, one can cook spending Rs.900 using the electricity stoves. One family of 4 require to pay Rs.1700 in gas per month whereas only Rs.900 needs to pay for electricity. Using the electric stoves also saves environment.

Shrestha said that there must supply the quality and uninterrupted electricity during the cooking time. In a collaboration between the government and private sector, A quality standard for Induction and Infrad have already made and it is in the process of approval in the cabinet.

As Nepal has already set for the quality and standard for the electric cooking stoves, it will further encourage the consumers. Nepal Bureau of Standards and Metrology has already submitted the standard to the cabinet for approval.,

An official of the department has been submitted to the cabinet, which has been submitted to the cabinet now, said that the criterion made in coordination with electricity is now submitted to the Council of Ministers. Leaving the first time in Nepal, quality criteria will be ready for the first time . The Federation of Electronic Producers said the quality criteria is ready to guarantee a standard of stove in the market.

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